Minnesota Wedding Photography

Kate + Rob = Married

Kate and Rob were married at the historic Semple Mansion in Minneapolis a few weeks back to what turned out to be such a classy day. The mansion served as a beautiful backdrop in an old-world romance sort of way, which was only exemplified with personal touches such as flowers made by the groom's sister and one of their dear friends serenading everyone with 'La Vie in Rose' during the ceremony. With Rob's contagious laugh and zest for life, and Kate's honest and loving heart, they are so good together. We've loved working with these two and know they have so much happiness in their future. Kate and Rob, thank you for trusting us to capture your big day. Congratulations!!

Sharon + Chris = Married

Sharon and Chris were married in Lakeville, Minnesota a few weeks back, wrapping up our 2014 season on a very high note. They were married on the same week that they celebrated 10 years together, which was one sweet element in a slew of meaningful contributions in their big day. They got ready at their venue and made their way down to a nearby state park for their first look and couple portraits - in the bitter cold of 17 degrees (without coats) - but once they saw each other their excitement and warmth pushed them through for some beautiful images together. A roaring fire welcomed guests as they shared a cozy and meaningful ceremony together. Cold temps didn't keep the crew of Minnesotan wedding attendants  leery of popping outside for some photos (we are a tough breed) and afterward the party continued with witty toasts and some polka dancing. If there is anything we are sure of, it's that these two deserve one another and they will share a happily ever after together. Congratulations, Sharon and Chris!

Jaime + Ben = Married

Jaime and Ben threw the most charming wedding a few weeks back in Saint Paul. Matt and Abby were there to capture it all, and the results are just so great. We love love love when our couples infuse themselves into their wedding celebration, which Jaime and Ben did with care. It's also very promising when you take two people as genuine, lovely and talented (did we mention Jaime is a florist back home in California and whipped together her wedding flowers?) as this pair and stem out a celebration as unique as they are. We've never seen such a well-executed 'autumnal' wedding so appropriately crafted for the middle of October. From the color palate of rich greens and deep plums to the textures of the farmhouse tables and soft glow of candlelight, it was all just so cozy and savory. Beside all the fantastic sensory details, what we really appreciated about this wedding was how much love was buzzing around during the reception. It's clear that these two are deserving of a long and prosperous marriage, and we couldn't be happier for them. Congratulations Jaime and Ben!

Leah + Mike = Married

When Mike and Leah set out to plan their nuptials, they knew they wanted something historic, unique and fun. They wanted something that wasn't your traditional ballroom and chicken-dinner type wedding. When they told us about their plans to get married on a historic Riverboat on the Saint Croix off of Stillwater, we couldn't be more excited. Mike and our very own Matt go way back. I'm talking, they have been friends since they were in diapers. It's not often that we are invited to a wedding that we are also photographing, so it worked out to be a perfect fit to have our Midwest Associate Photographer Abby shoot their big day. Since Matt was in the wedding and I got to be a wedding guest (what do you mean I can eat and drink at a wedding? :)) it was fun to sit back and watch the action unfold from a guest's perspective, and then later catch up with Abby about all the fun she had with these two. Mike and Leah's wedding turned out to be exactly as they hoped, with an emphasis on the fun, and it was an honor to work with them. Mike and Leah, you know we love you guys and are so happy for you as you become a new family. Congratulations!

Kelly + Dylan = Married

This wedding makes us excited for so many reasons. First off all, did you see Kelly and Dylan? They both look like they just walked off the set of The Great Gatsby. Classy, timeless and (dare I say) sexy, these two are easy to photograph. Beside the fact that their wedding was filled with personal touches and styled elements that made our job easy, these two really are as good as it gets. Their hearts are big and open, ready to welcome life and whatever comes their way, together. Secondarily, we're over the moon to share this wedding because it's a testament to why life is such an exciting surprise. If you've been following our blog lately, you'll know that we've been training a new Midwest Associate Photographer, Abby, since the beginning of this year. Abby has been a quick learner, and Kelly and Dylan's wedding was her first solo wedding. When Kelly and Dylan reached out to us just a few short weeks before their wedding, we were already booked but Abby was available and let's just say it was all meant to be. As we tell all our clients, having Associate Shooters was never really in the business plan for us (nor was becoming wedding photographers, actually) but life has amazing ways of presenting opportunities to us when we least expect them and it's always for the best. I think you'll agree that it's good to have Abby on the team, and as far as Kelly and Dylan are concerned? We couldn't be happier to have had the opportunity of working together. Congratulations you two! We're over the moon for you.

Hannah + Galen = Married

For those that know Hannah and Galen, we don't have to tell you how wonderful they are. For those that don't, if these photos of their wedding don't attest to the genuine thoughtfulness that went into the celebration of their union, I'm not sure what else would do it. It says a lot when two people enter their marriage barefoot. With a big breath and nervous grin, Hannah entered the space of their ceremony with her father at the same time that Galen and his dear Aunt walked in. Together, gathered with their nearest and dearest, barefoot and with open hearts to declare their commitment to one another, they became husband and wife. I love when couples have humble hearts of surrender as they embark on marriage. It's so real and intentional, and way more beautiful than any wedding flowers, dress or fancy cocktails. That, my friends, is why we do what we do. It's been such a pleasure accompanying you during this exciting time in your lives, Hannah and Galen. Thank you for allowing us into your festive, heartfelt day. Congratulations!

Stephanie + Peter = Married

Every so often, there are people who come into our lives that change you for the better. Both Stephanie and Peter were these people for Matt and I long before they even met one another. Their friendship and devotion holds a very special place in our hearts, so you can imagine our delight when the two of them connected and fell in love over five years ago (perhaps we nudged them along towards courtship....). We have the honor of telling so many special couple's love stories, but for Stephanie and Peter, their story runs so much deeper in our hearts than most of our couples. They are truly some of our best friends, so when they asked us to tell their wedding story through photos, we were ecstatic but also knew we were in for the best kind of artistic challenge. Having some sort of outside eye is always a positive, so we asked fellow photographer friend David Lai who is based out of Chicago to join Summer Street for the day so that we could also be present to them as friends (as well as photographers). Fortunately the decision to have David join our team early on came as a perfect arrangement when we learned that we were expecting our first child just weeks before Stephanie and Peter's wedding and that I would not be able to fly to Minnesota to attend or photograph the day. The four of us shared a deep disappointment for this news, but as life goes, we kept moving along with the plans and preparations to support their wedding in every way we could. Being the rockstars that they are, Stephanie and Peter had no problems crafting a truly one-of-a-kind wedding that was quintessentially 'them'. A celebration of love, art, family and sustainable living - their wedding turned out to be everything they had hoped and more. We are in love with the magical qualities their images portray and know that the sparkle in their eyes is just the beginning of the deep and grounded love they share. Our dearest Stephanie and Peter, we love you so much and are so happy to share this exciting time with you. Congratulations!

Lisa + Alessandro = Engaged

It's always fun to photograph a couple a few days before they are going to say 'I do'. Lisa and Alessandro were days away from their private elopement ceremony when we had the opportunity to get them in front of the camera. Beside the fact that their wardrobe choices are an A+ in our books - it's clear that they are over the moon for one another which makes their photos so sweet to us. Alessandro is Italian by blood but is in the process of converting to a Minnesotan for work, and clearly for love. Lisa and Alessandro, we wish you many happy years together. Congratulations!

Rachel + Andrew = Married

We always love having the opportunity to photograph someplace new. A new surrounding and local culture inspires us to see things a little differently than our daily life and forces us to slow down while shooting to attempt to capture the landscape. In Rachel and Andrew's case, their wedding was in Kendra's home state of South Dakota, which always provides a sense of comfort and familiarity on the great plains. If you've ever gotten the opportunity to visit the great state of South Dakota,  you'll know that it's a large, mostly flat terrain filled with gently sloping fields of grain, corn, soybeans and eventually a beautiful mountain range. Winds can whip across the mostly tree-less acres with great gusto causing intense blizzards in the winter and intense hot wind (and tumbleweeds!) in the summer. Fortunately these two chose a summer month and not a blizzard month to be married in, and despite the 115 degree heat indexes on their wedding day, they kept their cool amongst the raging temps and high winds (have you ever seen someone's hair look so good in 50mph winds?). Rachel and Andrew are currently living on the East Coast but wanted to celebrate their union in Rachel's hometown of Chamberlain, South Dakota. Oh what a perfect decision that was for them, too. Never have we seen such a warm and loving group of people come together to celebrate these two special people. The kind of compassion and camaraderie their guests poured out on Rachel and Andrew was genuine and heartfelt. It's not difficult, however, to adore these two. Rachel is a modern-day Jacqueline Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn; sparkling, sensitive full of class and wit. She's almost always laughing and if not, she's got a glowing smile on her face. Andrew is loyal, well-spoken and has a heart of gold. They really are something together and their entire wedding day was a reflection of their special bond. We were so happy to have the opportunity to work with you, Rachel and Andrew, and we wish you many years of joy together. Congratulations!

Amanda + Adam = Married

Amanda and Adam had one of the sweetest little weddings that we've seen all year. They kept their wedding simple and stylish with an intimate gathering of their closest friends and family at one of their favorite restaurants;  Heartland in St. Paul's old Market House.  The day started with Amanda getting ready at their new house, while Adam prepped with his guys at the St. Paul Hotel.  An adorable first look followed in Rice Park and we captured some beautiful portraits all over downtown St. Paul.  Both the wedding ceremony and the reception were held at Heartland, and their private event room was a beautiful setting for both.  One of our favorite things about doing restaurant weddings is (of course) the food. Chef Lenny and his team cooked an amazing three course meal in celebration of the newlyweds, but the most memorable part of the whole day had to be when Amanda surprised everyone during the ceremony by playing the guitar and singing a song  to Adam. No one had ever seen her play the guitar or sing - and it turned out she had been teaching herself how to play guitar for the past 6 months while Adam was away at soccer practice. There was not a dry eye in the house as Amanda so sweetly serenaded her groom. Amanda and Adam, it's been a true pleasure working with you both and we couldn't be happier for your new union. Congratulations!