Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

Laura + Chris = Married

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Erica + Tim = Married

Erica and Tim's wedding was an event long in the making. They came to us early in their engagement, so we've had the privilege of getting to know these two quite well leading up to the wedding. It's always fun to follow along in an engagement like theirs, because we become confidants during the vendor hunt and planning process. Erica and Tim had The Towers in Narragansett all lined up for their reception, and were hoping to have the ceremony outside on the town green nearby. When that door closed during the process, they turned to a nearby Bed and Breakfast which turned out way better than they could have imagined. Their families occupied the B&B for the week and set up camp Erica and Tim. Erica and her maids got ready at the Inn while Tim and his guys hung out at his family's house nearby. They waited to see one another until the ceremony which made emotions run high for everyone involved. Tim's experience in the military typically leaves him strong and steadfast, but even he couldn't resist a tear as Erica made her way down the aisle. The celebration continued over at The Towers after the ceremony where their friends and families showered them with love in the form of witty toasts and even a song sung by Erica's father ("My Girl", for those of you who want to awwww with us). Overall, it was a smashing success filled with lots of love. What more can one ask for? Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Christina + Alex = Married

Is there anything better than a summer wedding at a historic mansion? We may be biased, but we'd say no. Christina and Alex were wed on a beautiful summer day in July and Chuck (and our fabulous second shooter, Katie) were there to capture all the action. Our favorite highlights from their wedding include photos on the house-boat that Alex's parents recently moved onto after selling their house (how cool is that?) and the surprise song Alex's sister sang during their first dance. We love when our couples personalize their weddings and this wedding was full of personality! The Linden Place in Bristol remains one of our favorite "little" mansions in Rhode Island and seeing it in action again for Christina and Alex's big day just reconfirmed our love for that beautiful house. Congratulations you two! We wish you all the best!

Kristen + Matthew = Married

This wedding makes us so happy. We often get asked what our number one piece of wedding planning advice would be, and time after time, we always say that if you as a couple can find ways to incorporate yourselves, your background and your future into your wedding day that it will be a truly unique, enjoyable and memorable event for yourselves and your guests. Kristen and Matthew nailed this one on the head. We LOVED photographing their big day and watching them celebrate their commitment with their nearest and dearest. The day started off with an intimate ceremony on the beach in their neighborhood and was followed by a relaxing and beautiful lunch at the Trafford Restaurant in Warren, RI. The space was so airy and calm, so with the addition of a nice mix of loving family and friends (and some incredible food) the atmosphere was just perfect. After the lunch reception more family and friends joined them at their house for a backyard gathering celebrating the newlyweds. Kristen had arranged a sweet surprise for her Matthew when Rhode Island's famous Del's Lemonade truck made an appearance during the reception. Kids and adults alike enjoyed iced lemonade with their lawn games and conversation. It was a truly enjoyable day for all that we were honored to get to capture. Kristen and Matthew, you both have been such a pleasure to work with. We wish you all the joy and happiness in the world. Congratulations!

Favorite Photos from 2012 - Wedding

What an amazing year it's been. Whenever we stop to count our blessings (which we try to make a daily habit of) we are floored by the opportunities we have to work in a medium we love for really good people. Yes, we take thousands of photos at every wedding and spend countless hours ensuring each image is taken care of and presented with the same joy we captured it with - but without you - our clients and supporters - our work is nothing. We'd have no beautiful flower arrangements to ooh and ah at, we'd have no sweet glances to capture when a couple sees one another for the first time on their wedding day, we'd never hear your loved ones toasting to eternal happiness and we'd certainly have a lot fewer friends. The truth is, weddings are filled with emotions and it's a complete honor to be able to bottle those up and give them back to you each and every wedding. After a wedding is over, when we're home and editing photos on a tuesday morning, we're still laughing about the way your Uncle Randy took center stage during 'Gangnam Style', we're still inspired by the hard work you've put into your wedding details and with each and every couple portrait that we edit and refine, our observations of your love reinforces why marriage is such a beautiful thing. We love capturing these moments and giving them back to you as a visual journal of one of the happiest days of your lives. We can't help but feel as though the joy and love of these special days rubs off on us too. It's contagious, and we can only hope 2013 will bring as much hard work, excitement and happiness as 2012. Happy New Year, Friends!

Julia + Chris = Married

We loved photographing Julia and Chris' Wedding at The Linden Place in Bristol, Rhode Island. We have a thing for historic New England houses so that alone was enough to have us running around like kids with too much candy, but it was really the spirit of their wedding day that got us. Julia and Chris are both extremely intelligent, creative and well spoken people whom we admire. Their wedding was such a beautiful representation of them as a couple as well as their friends and family coming together as one big happy group.  I started off with Julia and her best ladies at the salon where they all primped and prepped to look even more gorgeous than they already were; while Matt hung with Chris, his guys and the couple's adorable dog, Buster, as they prepped for the ceremony. Something we see more and more of is when brides have a 'First Look' with their fathers after they are all ready and dressed and before he walks her down the aisle. I'm a big fan. Julia and her dad decided to share this moment with just the two of them minutes before the ceremony started and I'm pretty sure it was more emotional than the First Looks we do with bride and grooms. Meanwhile, guests outside waited for their crisp outdoor ceremony to start with warm cups of apple cider. Once the ceremony started Chris' face lit up when he saw Julia for the first time and the two of them only had eyes for each other which made the rest of us swoon in their sweetness. After the ceremony we zipped down to the Bristol waterfront for a few photos of the newlyweds on the docks and on the streets. The evening continued with a warm and cozy reception by a *huge* fire and lots of dancing and desserts. I'm in love with the giant paper flower installation Julia "whipped together in an afternoon" (super bride?) and tried to convince Chris that they need it as their headboard now. The paper flowers and loving, energetic celebration were just two small manifestations of what a great job Julia and Chris did infusing their wedding day with their personalities. What a great day! Julia and Chris, we are so happy for you and have loved working with you. Congratulations!

Charlene + Andrew = Married



There are some days, scratch that, MOST days that we feel completely blessed to have the job we do. Weddings like Charlene and Andrew's exemplify our feelings times 100. Yes, weddings are beautiful events filled with flowers, beautiful dresses and freshly shaven faces. You don't have to twist my arm to enjoy photographing beautiful things....it's inspiring and fun. But all of those things are nothing if you don't have LOVE and JOY. This is what makes our job different than just shooting magazine or blog styled shoots. Charlene and Andrew's wedding was filled with so much happiness. They are better together than apart, and it was clear to everyone that their passion for life and each other far surpassed the glamour and glitz of a fancy wedding day. That isn't to say that their wedding wasn't beautiful. It was STUNNING and every detail was perfectly placed. But despite all of those things, their biggest priority on their wedding day was each other - and it was so joyfully obvious. They exchanged vows at their meeting place and Alma Mater, Bryant University and  The Eisenhower House in Newport, Rhode Island was a perfect backdrop for their laid back tented reception. We absolutely loved shooting their portraits on the perfectly New England coastline in Newport and have to say that our favorite moment of the day was when Andrew surprised Charlene with a song he had written her during the reception. We actually think he may have a career as a rockstar ahead of him (seriously). Charlene and Andrew, Congratulations. We are so happy to have shared in your big day and wish you a lifetime of adventures!

Lauren + Neil = Married

Lauren and Neil were married on a Sunday. We love Sunday weddings because they are like big family reunions. People eat slower and talk more. They hug abundantly and laugh with gusto. We loved watching the way their guests cheered them on as they celebrated their first day as a married couple. They held their wedding ceremony and reception at the Crystal Lake Golf Club in Mapleville, RI - and it was an ideal venue. They had a ceremony in a tucked away wooded area and took a boat back to the reception site. Some people have getaway cars...Lauren and Neil had a getaway boat! After a few portraits with their beloved Dog, Morgan - they had a lovely reception with some of the cutest centerpieces and probably our favorite cake of the season. Lauren and Neil, it was such a pleasure capturing your day - we wish you many years of happiness together with Morgan and Batman (and maybe even some human babies too!) !