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Julia + Andrew = Married

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I don't even know where to begin. It's been such a pleasure working with these two. From their authentic and loving personalities to the way they decided to commemorate their wedding day - it's just been so *great*. They decided to have their wedding at one of our favorite New England venues - Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Mass on the most glorious fall day. They finished getting ready at the venue where our fabulous second photographer, Devin an I met up with them. The energy was buzzing about as their friends giggled and drank champagne. They shared a sweet moment together when they first saw one another and put up with us hiking around the grounds of the museum to get some photos that incorporated the stunning scenery. Their ceremony overlook a glorious valley of trees and mountains off in the distance, which was bordered by the understated and so-very-New-England stone wall. It was perfectly simple and heart felt. The rest of the evening was spent in good company with delicious food. No party is complete without dancing and this crowd brought their A game to the floor. All ages were cutting a rug and it was so much fun to document. Julia and Andrew, we truly mean it when we tell you what joy you've brought to us. Congratulations!!

Jenn + Jeff = Married

There's just something about a black and white wedding palate that doesn't get old. It exudes a classy timelessness and just looks so *sharp*. Jenn and Jeff are like that though. They live life to the fullest and have excellent taste. Their wedding was a perfect combination of their style and taste. Choosing things like a Sunday morning ceremony at the delicious and beautifully accented L'Andana Restaurant made for a memorable and comfortable wedding day. Chuck was on hand to capture it all and we're smitten with the photos he captured of this sweet pair. Jenn and Jeff; thank you for trusting us to capture your union! We trust you have years of happiness together and wish you the best.

Emily + Rob = Married

Emily and Rob are just the best. Smart, compassionate and full of class - these two are as good as it gets. They threw an elegantly laid-back wedding for their nearest and dearest to celebrate their first day as husband and wife. The Endicott Estate serves as a stunning backdrop for any event, but we felt like it was effortlessly suited for this wedding, fitting in somewhere between F Scott Fizgerald's, The Great Gatsby and a Jane Austen novel. (Maybe it was the slew of handsome men in tuxes or Emily's graceful bridal style that did us in?) It also says a lot about a couple when the groom asks his father to be his best man. We love everything these two are about, and feel so fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to document their wedding day. Emily and Rob, we wish you years of happiness together!

2014 - IN REVIEW

For those of you still hanging around at the end, let's start with a high-five for being able to process all those images. We are well aware that this little annual tradition of our images in a yearly review format is entirely too big. Believe it or not, this is a highly edited version of some of our favorite images for the year. I suppose that's what happens when we shoot more than 50 weddings in a year, not to mention even more portrait sessions. There is just so much LIFE and LOVE that we get to witness! It's such an honor, guys. Now you get to read our little acceptance speech of gratitude. First of all, none of these photos would be possible without the beautiful clients we get to have in our Summer Street family. Their lives and love are our constant inspiration, and without that we'd just be taking photos of pretty things with no substance. Next up, our team of dedicated photographers. Of course Matt and I started this whole crazy business, but we've picked up Chuck and Abby along the way as our sensationally talented Associate Photographers, and much of what you see above is their talented work as well. Next up we have the privilege of working with some of the finest in the industry as our second shooters and assistants for some weddings; Ashley, Katie, Deb, Bella, Dan, Olivia, Ellie, Jean and Vina - your talent behind the lens is clearly phenomenal and we're honored to call you peers. We are hybrid shooters (film and digital) so we have to thank our talented film lab, Richard Photo Lab, for their expert work in the dark room. This year we hand-trained a new talented digital editor as well. With the influx of a new market in the Midwest, Matt and I needed back-end support to help us deliver beautiful, consistent images to our clients in a timely manner, and we knew bringing an in-house editor to help us would be just the thing. Laura is now part of our team and has been an integral part of our back-end this year and helps all our images become what you see on our site. Talk about a talented group!

We have captured love in many places this year. From sandy beaches to historic estates. Ornate houses of worship and cathedrals in the woods. Childhood homes and mountain tops. All across New England and the prairies of the Midwest, we've gotten to step back and capture lives full of love. We've been able to tell their stories through photos that they will cherish for years to come. We are completely honored to call this work, and we toast to you all for supporting us along the way. Here's to 2015!

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Erica + Tim = Married

Erica and Tim's wedding was an event long in the making. They came to us early in their engagement, so we've had the privilege of getting to know these two quite well leading up to the wedding. It's always fun to follow along in an engagement like theirs, because we become confidants during the vendor hunt and planning process. Erica and Tim had The Towers in Narragansett all lined up for their reception, and were hoping to have the ceremony outside on the town green nearby. When that door closed during the process, they turned to a nearby Bed and Breakfast which turned out way better than they could have imagined. Their families occupied the B&B for the week and set up camp Erica and Tim. Erica and her maids got ready at the Inn while Tim and his guys hung out at his family's house nearby. They waited to see one another until the ceremony which made emotions run high for everyone involved. Tim's experience in the military typically leaves him strong and steadfast, but even he couldn't resist a tear as Erica made her way down the aisle. The celebration continued over at The Towers after the ceremony where their friends and families showered them with love in the form of witty toasts and even a song sung by Erica's father ("My Girl", for those of you who want to awwww with us). Overall, it was a smashing success filled with lots of love. What more can one ask for? Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Monica + Stephen = Married

We love this job for so many reasons, but one of the best is the diversity we see in how couples choose to celebrate their big day. Our biggest advice for couples planning their wedding (besides hiring a photographer you love, of course) is to stay true to personalizations throughout the venue and vendor choices. Ultimately, it's a day to kick off your marriage in whatever way you hope, and when couples stay true to this, magic happens. Monica and Stephen nailed this one on the head for their summer camp wedding in New Hampshire. They kept the gathering fun and interesting by hosting the wedding at North Woods Summer Camp and honored their values by selecting strictly vegan accompaniments. The food and attire were all vegan, and they used sustainable and renewable products whenever possible. The results were fantastic, and we're very jealous that Chuck got to capture this one without us. Congratulations to Monica and Stephen, and a job well done (as always) to Chuck!