Boston Wedding Photography

Allie & Fiona | Wedding at the Hyatt in South Boston

This wedding! These two! Happiness abounds. We first met Fiona a few years back when she went through our Photography Mentorship program. We take a small number of individuals per year whom we mentor one-on-one to help them reach their photography goals. We loved getting to know Fiona during that time, and was excited to learn about Allie coming into her life shortly after that season. It wasn't long before they were engaged and planning a wedding in Boston. They share a love of rescue dogs, their own sweet pups topping the charts of their affection. It was only fitting that Lena and Flip play a part of their wedding day, and they made donations toward a local rescue as part of their wedding experience. Even their reception tables were named after dog breeds. Chuck had the honor of photographing their big day at the Hyatt Harborside on the East side of Boston (with the most beautiful view of the skyline!) and brought along the fabulous Vina to second shoot. Fiona is from Ireland, so many guests traveled across the world to share in their big day with them, as well as brought some serious Irish dance moves to the floor. Chuck reports that is was one of the most fun dance floors he's ever photographed. We couldn't be happier for these two and know that their future together will include much joy and a healthy dose of dog snuggles. Congratulations Allie and Fiona!!

Katie + Josh = Married

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Janine + Tom = Married

Janine and Tom met at a wedding and according to Janine "Tom was a groomsman. I called "dibs" on him prior to the wedding based on his facebook profile and when he walked into the reception hall wearing a cowboy hat and belt buckle I knew I was a goner! We consider that night the beginning of our relationship." Tom serves as an army ranger in the 75th ranger regiment based out of Fort Benning, GA. In the fall of 2013, Janine received the dreaded phone call. Tom had been critically injured by a suicide bomber. He lost his right eye and upper half of his nose, broke his right foot, had a collapsed lung, and shrapnel wounds all over his body. But according to Janine' "his brain & heart were untouched (the best parts!)." These two have been through so much together, and what they say is true: what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. They celebrated their long awaited wedding a few weeks back at the Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, Mass where Chuck (and our talented second shooter, Vina!) captured their emotional and love-filled wedding day. It was a day filled with so much joy, as well as a solemn reminder to live each day to the fullest (as their memorial table for fallen service men and women reminded us). Janine and Tom, we can not imagine two more loving, genuine and giving people. You guys deserve one another, and that says a lot given the solid character and heart you each bring to the table. Congratulations on your marriage and we wish you so many years of love together!

Betsy + Viktor = Married

Betsy and Viktor were married on the last day of spring on the most perfect June day. Their wedding was the epitome of all things lovely, which just confirms our theory that weddings are a direct reflection of the couple in honor. Betsy and Viktor are genuine, loving and honest folks. We feel very lucky to call them our clients. The Lyman Estate continues to be one of our favorite Boston venues with its grand stature and lush grounds, all the while retaining a certain humbleness that yields the best kind of hospitality.  Chuck was fortunate enough to photograph their wedding day and we think all the elements made for such a great set of photos for them to cherish. Congratulations Betsy and Viktor, we wish you all the happiness in the world!

Emily + Rob = Married

Emily and Rob are just the best. Smart, compassionate and full of class - these two are as good as it gets. They threw an elegantly laid-back wedding for their nearest and dearest to celebrate their first day as husband and wife. The Endicott Estate serves as a stunning backdrop for any event, but we felt like it was effortlessly suited for this wedding, fitting in somewhere between F Scott Fizgerald's, The Great Gatsby and a Jane Austen novel. (Maybe it was the slew of handsome men in tuxes or Emily's graceful bridal style that did us in?) It also says a lot about a couple when the groom asks his father to be his best man. We love everything these two are about, and feel so fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to document their wedding day. Emily and Rob, we wish you years of happiness together!

Jacqueline + Matt = Married

Jacqueline and Matt were married on a beautiful September day. The kind that make tourists flock to visiting autumn in New England. It's no secret that Jacqueline and Matt are two of the most gracious, warm and charismatic souls out there, so having the stage set for a perfect wedding day was easy. Our talented friend Jean joined Summer Street for the day, so while Jean and Matt captured some getting ready photos, Matt (the groom) waited patiently to see his exquisite bride for the first time. After a darling first look and a few portraits of the two of them together, their wedding entourage joined them for some photos on the crest of Quincy where the entire skyline of Boston was visible. Despite the middle of the afternoon timeline, the light for their photos before the ceremony was divine, wasn't it? Their ceremony brought tears to everyone's eyes and the rest of the evening was a laid-back, classy time for all involved. Jacqueline and Matt, we are so happy for you and wish you nothing but the best in your new adventure. Congratulations!

Lindsay + Chris = Married

Lindsay and Chris' wedding was a dream. Between the ocean breezes, fantastic food, lively entertainment, heartfelt toasts and all around laid back fun, it was everything a Cape Cod wedding should be. It comes as no surprise since these two are some of the most relaxed, loving people ever. There are times that we *really* wish we were guests at a wedding instead of the photographers, and Lindsay and Chris' wedding was one of them. It doesn't hurt that we had so many past clients (now, friends) attending their wedding. Lindsay and Chris' friends are part of a large college alum group (Go Bulldogs!) whom we've had the honor of working with a few times. Lindsay and Chris also surprised their guests with a late night Good Humor Ice Cream truck, in which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Special thanks to our friend Bella for second shooting with us, and Congratulations to Lindsay and Chris on the start of a beautiful marriage!

Christina + Gabe = Engaged

We love us a good Engagement Session. Put two gorgeous people in a stunning Boston backdrop and we're all set. I had the pleasure of photographing Christina and Gabe in their neighborhood of The North End back in June, which in wedding season feels like years ago. Their kindness, genuine spirits and laid back approachability made such an impact on me that I'm dreaming of zipping over to join them for Oysters after work today (meet you guys at Neptune at 5? :)). They will be tying the knot next year in Christina's home state of Michigan, and we're sure that whoever will get to photograph their wedding will be one lucky photographer. We love these glimpses of their life here in Boston and were honored to capture this special time in their lives. Congrats, Christina and Gabe!

Deirdre + Casey = Married

Deirdre and Casey threw one of the most beautifully classic weddings we've had the privilege of photographing. From her stunning gown to their Commonwealth Avenue portraits and the decadently beautiful setting of Alden Castle, these two know how to celebrate in style. We might be biased, but we feel like Boston is the most beautiful city in the US, and there is pretty much nothing more romantic than a classic city wedding. Deirdre and Casey's love is steadfast and true, and we're smitten with the way they personified their connection into their soiree. Matt was there to capture all the action and it's safe to say that the rest of us (Kendra, Chuck and Abby) were pretty jealous for hitting the wedding client jackpot. Congratulations Deirdre and Casey! You both have been such a joy to work with. We wish you years of love, red wine and cheese. ;)