Boston Engagement Photography

Angela + Tom = Engaged

summerstreetphotography_191 summerstreetphotography_192 summerstreetphotography_193 summerstreetphotography_194 summerstreetphotography_195 summerstreetphotography_196 summerstreetphotography_197 summerstreetphotography_198 summerstreetphotography_199 summerstreetphotography_200 summerstreetphotography_201 summerstreetphotography_202 summerstreetphotography_203 summerstreetphotography_204 summerstreetphotography_205 summerstreetphotography_206 summerstreetphotography_207 summerstreetphotography_208 summerstreetphotography_209 summerstreetphotography_210 summerstreetphotography_211 summerstreetphotography_212 summerstreetphotography_213 summerstreetphotography_214 summerstreetphotography_215 summerstreetphotography_216 summerstreetphotography_217Hey guys! It's been awhile. We've missed blogging - and just in time too because we have a roster of great shoots to share and it's officially WEDDING SEASON! Before spring morphs into summer and we wonder where the time went, we had to share some of our favorite photographs from Angela and Tom's Engagement Session in Wellesley, MA at the lovely Elm Bank Horticultural Center. Chuck captured these photos and he'll be returning when they tie the knot this July at Fruitlands. We're in love with the photos and think these three make an incredibly adorable trio. Angela and Tom, little L is lucky to have you as parents. We can't wait for July!

Christina + Gabe = Engaged

We love us a good Engagement Session. Put two gorgeous people in a stunning Boston backdrop and we're all set. I had the pleasure of photographing Christina and Gabe in their neighborhood of The North End back in June, which in wedding season feels like years ago. Their kindness, genuine spirits and laid back approachability made such an impact on me that I'm dreaming of zipping over to join them for Oysters after work today (meet you guys at Neptune at 5? :)). They will be tying the knot next year in Christina's home state of Michigan, and we're sure that whoever will get to photograph their wedding will be one lucky photographer. We love these glimpses of their life here in Boston and were honored to capture this special time in their lives. Congrats, Christina and Gabe!

Cerridwen + Nic = Engaged

These two are pretty spectacular. Creative, genuine, intentional and charismatic. Oh, and good looking (but we didn't have to tell you that). We have loved getting to know Cerridwen and Nic. Matt spent some time exploring some of Boston's prettiest nooks and crannies with them during their Engagement Session a few weeks back. We always love shooting at the Boston Public Library (the Courtyard always seems to have perfect light) and we think that Nic's fedora transports these images back to a bygone era. We can't wait to capture their backyard wedding on MidCoast Maine later this year (you won't want to miss that one)  which will surely be a sensational day. Thanks for sharing this exciting time with us, guys!

Lindsay + Chris = Engaged

Lindsay and Chris are proof that awesome people lead to working with more awesome people. Hear us out. Over two years ago, we booked Christine and Jay's wedding for spring of 2012. Christine was a Salve Regina University alumni and Jay was a Bryant University alum. Since that time we've worked with nearly a dozen couples who have had ties back to this wedding. Whether it was another Salve or Bryant alum who ran across their (or one of their friends') photos - or a direct connection to Christine and Jay - the referrals have spiraled to amazing proportions from this one couple. Word-of-mouth referrals are always our favorite way to meet and photograph couples because it's like when one of your closest friends introduces you a different friend of theirs who you haven't met yet. Everyone ends up jiving and getting along well. This has totally been the case with our Salve and Bryant connection couples. Every. Single. Couple. has been kind-hearted, gracious and genuine. It makes us feel like the luckiest photographers around because at the end of the day we get to work with great people with whom we have a great connection. Lindsay and Chris are a perfect example of this and we love the natural chemistry they share (as well as their stunning good looks!) and can't wait to photograph their wedding next fall on the cape. It's bound to be an amazing day filled with love, laughter and lots of familiar faces.