Angela + Tom = Engaged

summerstreetphotography_191 summerstreetphotography_192 summerstreetphotography_193 summerstreetphotography_194 summerstreetphotography_195 summerstreetphotography_196 summerstreetphotography_197 summerstreetphotography_198 summerstreetphotography_199 summerstreetphotography_200 summerstreetphotography_201 summerstreetphotography_202 summerstreetphotography_203 summerstreetphotography_204 summerstreetphotography_205 summerstreetphotography_206 summerstreetphotography_207 summerstreetphotography_208 summerstreetphotography_209 summerstreetphotography_210 summerstreetphotography_211 summerstreetphotography_212 summerstreetphotography_213 summerstreetphotography_214 summerstreetphotography_215 summerstreetphotography_216 summerstreetphotography_217Hey guys! It's been awhile. We've missed blogging - and just in time too because we have a roster of great shoots to share and it's officially WEDDING SEASON! Before spring morphs into summer and we wonder where the time went, we had to share some of our favorite photographs from Angela and Tom's Engagement Session in Wellesley, MA at the lovely Elm Bank Horticultural Center. Chuck captured these photos and he'll be returning when they tie the knot this July at Fruitlands. We're in love with the photos and think these three make an incredibly adorable trio. Angela and Tom, little L is lucky to have you as parents. We can't wait for July!