Boston Public Garden Engagement Session

Erica + Mike = Engaged

We're kind of in love with this session. The colors, vibrancy, timeless 'Boston' vibe  AND  a completely in love and adorable Erica and Mike?  It's all pretty perfect. We started this session on their home street in the back bay which was quintessentially Boston (we could have shot there all day) and had to take advantage of some photos of them on their front steps. Often while shooting in Beacon Hill or Back Bay we'll joke with clients that they are just going to go sit on some random person's steps and we'll all pretend that they live in this gorgeous brownstone with a blue door (because the color and textures photograph so well). In Erica and Mike's case, we had the privilege of shooting on their *actual* front steps, which not only made for a pretty backdrop but also a fantastic memory for these two as they write their story together and can someday remember when they lived there. After shooting around their house we zipped over to the Boston Public Garden right before the skies opened up and poured rain. The color and twilight in the last series of images is so fascinating to us and just proves how mother nature is always keeping us on our toes as natural light photographers. While we thought we may have some dewy soft sunset light we got a clean and cool look instead, which we love. Erica and Mike will be on the blog again very soon as they prep for their August nuptials in Newport, RI. It's bound to be an amazing day!

Lucy + Matt = Engaged

Don't even get me started on how cute these two are together. Matt's eyes light up when he's around Lucy, and Lucy always seems to be giggling at something Matt is saying or doing. They are the couple you see strolling down the street and are so natural and sweet together that they make other people jealous. They both have hearts of gold and it's clear they deserve one another. We met up with them on a calm week night in the Boston Public Garden to catch the end of the spring blooms before the heat of summer sets in. We laughed and shared stories, including hearing about Lucy's childhood modeling stint as a shoebox cover model (perhaps you've seen her in the early 90's? The ginger sporting a bowl cut?). She sent us photo proof of the hair after their session and we were this close to blogging that as well. We can't wait for their cozy December wedding!

Katherine + Ian = Engaged

One of our favorite types of engagement sessions are with couples who are slightly shy. I wouldn't exactly call Katherine or Ian shy, but perhaps reserved is a better word. It can be a rather nerve racking thing to have your engagement photos taken especially if you're not used to being in front of the camera. You really don't know what to expect - so mix that in with meeting two new people - it can be a recipe for feeling nervous. We get it. In fact, most of our couples feel this way at the beginning of their engagement session. What we loved about Katherine and Ian, was that even though they both admitted to feeling slightly nervous, when they looked at each other, they were always laughing. It was so endearing. It was as though all of the feelings of being unsure about being in front of the camera, all of the feelings of feeling stranger's eyes watch them as they got their photos taken....all of those things disappeared when they looked at each other. It was just the two of them and the whole world faded away. Adorable. And just so you know, both Katherine and Ian said that it really wasn't as hard as they thought it would be. We say that it can't *not* go well with a love like theirs.

Jessica + Andrew = Engaged

We're excited to show you a few more engagement sessions before the big wave of weddings we've got lined up for you in the coming weeks. Truth be told, we've scheduled almost all of our remaining engagement sessions in April or May so that we can be in full wedding mode once June hits since our calender is quite steady from then until November. So while you've been getting a lot of engagement session goodness the last few weeks, it's about to turn into lots of white dresses (which no one can argue being a bad thing). For today we'll enjoy sweet Jessica and Andrew's classic Boston Engagement Session. We met up with these two at the Boston Public Library, headed down the Commonwealth Avenue Green way (and caught some cool light coming through the sprinklers!) and then ended in the Boston Public Garden. We probably saw three engagement sessions happening in the Garden while we were there, but there is a reason it's such a popular spot to take photos. It's gorgeous and every nook and cranny feels just a little bit different. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Jessica and Andrew's life together and their plans to marry in Philadelphia next spring. They were clearly rocking out the camera since we couldn't find one photo they both didn't look smashing in. Congrats Jessica and Andrew!