Jessica + Andrew = Engaged

We're excited to show you a few more engagement sessions before the big wave of weddings we've got lined up for you in the coming weeks. Truth be told, we've scheduled almost all of our remaining engagement sessions in April or May so that we can be in full wedding mode once June hits since our calender is quite steady from then until November. So while you've been getting a lot of engagement session goodness the last few weeks, it's about to turn into lots of white dresses (which no one can argue being a bad thing). For today we'll enjoy sweet Jessica and Andrew's classic Boston Engagement Session. We met up with these two at the Boston Public Library, headed down the Commonwealth Avenue Green way (and caught some cool light coming through the sprinklers!) and then ended in the Boston Public Garden. We probably saw three engagement sessions happening in the Garden while we were there, but there is a reason it's such a popular spot to take photos. It's gorgeous and every nook and cranny feels just a little bit different. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Jessica and Andrew's life together and their plans to marry in Philadelphia next spring. They were clearly rocking out the camera since we couldn't find one photo they both didn't look smashing in. Congrats Jessica and Andrew!