Best Boston Wedding Photographer

Jenn + Jeff = Married

There's just something about a black and white wedding palate that doesn't get old. It exudes a classy timelessness and just looks so *sharp*. Jenn and Jeff are like that though. They live life to the fullest and have excellent taste. Their wedding was a perfect combination of their style and taste. Choosing things like a Sunday morning ceremony at the delicious and beautifully accented L'Andana Restaurant made for a memorable and comfortable wedding day. Chuck was on hand to capture it all and we're smitten with the photos he captured of this sweet pair. Jenn and Jeff; thank you for trusting us to capture your union! We trust you have years of happiness together and wish you the best.

Deirdre + Casey = Married

Deirdre and Casey threw one of the most beautifully classic weddings we've had the privilege of photographing. From her stunning gown to their Commonwealth Avenue portraits and the decadently beautiful setting of Alden Castle, these two know how to celebrate in style. We might be biased, but we feel like Boston is the most beautiful city in the US, and there is pretty much nothing more romantic than a classic city wedding. Deirdre and Casey's love is steadfast and true, and we're smitten with the way they personified their connection into their soiree. Matt was there to capture all the action and it's safe to say that the rest of us (Kendra, Chuck and Abby) were pretty jealous for hitting the wedding client jackpot. Congratulations Deirdre and Casey! You both have been such a joy to work with. We wish you years of love, red wine and cheese. ;)

Andrea + Geoff = Married

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of this wedding. Not only are the details picture perfect (thanks to our good friends at Whim Events!) but Andrea and Geoff have a glow that makes us smile. 2013 has been a big year for us on Summer Street with the addition of our new Associate Photographer, Chuck. We knew that we were on to something good when he officially joined us earlier this year, and now that the fruits of his labor can be seen by all, we feel so so lucky to have him. Many people think that just Matt and I shoot every wedding on this blog. While I wish we could take the credit for such a broad body of work - we all work as a team and craft our skill based on what each couple's wedding day story has to tell. Every couple that we work with is different, so we don't want all the weddings we shoot to look identical.  We aren't a big photo studio that doesn't care about our clients individual personalities. We are so lucky to have Chuck and a talented group of regular second shooters to call on when needed. While it could be hard for me to narrate Andrea and Geoff's story because I wasn't the one who shot it - I love that their story shines through the images. Their wedding day reminds us of an awesome combo of The Great Gatsby and a family reunion.  Geoff's laugh looks contagious, and Andrea looks like the happiest woman in the world. Their dance party was on FIRE. We're so glad to have Chuck on our team to help tell love stories that we can narrate and enjoy without being the ones who shot the wedding because in the end that's what its about: a beautiful and provocative collection of photos to visually narrate the first chapter in the history of a brand new family.