Cape Cod Wedding Photography

Ali + Adam = Married

We love so much about Ali and Adam's wedding. You really can't go wrong with a wedding on the cape in our minds. The sand and sun make anything better, so when you set a pretty little wedding right by the sea, magic happens. Ali and Adam share a beautiful love, and their wedding day was a fantastic reflection of their connection. The Hawthrone in Chatham, Mass  served as a beautiful backdrop for their wedding day. Their entire wedding was filled with personal touches, including hand-made flower arrangements by the bridesmaids. And I don't know about you, but their array of cakes (plural!) is about the prettiest display of yum we've seen this season. Chuck was capturing all the goodness for this wedding, and each time we think he's outdone himself. Congratulations Ali and Adam. We wish you both years of wedded bliss!

Lindsay + Chris = Married

Lindsay and Chris' wedding was a dream. Between the ocean breezes, fantastic food, lively entertainment, heartfelt toasts and all around laid back fun, it was everything a Cape Cod wedding should be. It comes as no surprise since these two are some of the most relaxed, loving people ever. There are times that we *really* wish we were guests at a wedding instead of the photographers, and Lindsay and Chris' wedding was one of them. It doesn't hurt that we had so many past clients (now, friends) attending their wedding. Lindsay and Chris' friends are part of a large college alum group (Go Bulldogs!) whom we've had the honor of working with a few times. Lindsay and Chris also surprised their guests with a late night Good Humor Ice Cream truck, in which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Special thanks to our friend Bella for second shooting with us, and Congratulations to Lindsay and Chris on the start of a beautiful marriage!

Elizabeth + Oliver = Married

We loved Elizabeth and Oliver's Wedding at The Farm at Pokanoket in Westport, MA for a number of reasons. First, these two left no detail unattended. From the long farmhouse tables guests enjoyed at dinner to the warm sea breezes off the ocean, it was an exquisite day. Of course we love photographing pretty things, but it's way more fun to capture the love shared by a community of people coming together to celebrate a new family. It shows us that they will have a successful marriage because they have strong role models that have brought them up in a way that showcases what it means to be selfless in the name of love. Oliver's family is Swedish, so they took on a few fun Swedish traditions in their reception. For example, there were many heartfelt toasts (and songs) wishing the newlyweds their best throughout their meal. Traditionally, a bell would ring to call the guests' attention to the next toaster, but Elizabeth and Oliver had a fun twist where their friend played the saxophone to serenade guests to the next toaster. We were honored to have the privilege of working with this lovely couple, and we hope you enjoy their wedding photos as much as we do! Special thanks to our girl Deb for second shooting with us. Always a pleasure to have you on board, Deb! Congratulations Elizabeth and Oliver!

Erin + Andrew = Married

Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves. Every day, we feel so incredibly grateful for the people we get to photograph. Erin and Andrew are no exception. Genuine, compassionate and full of love for life and one another, they are the real deal. When we first started shooting weddings, we'd get excited about the beautiful surroundings and magical qualities weddings brought out as special events. We still love a good party - but we become desensitized to stunning florals, perfect lace and bubbly cocktails when we are surrounded by the glitz and glamour of weddings every weekend. You know what doesn't get old, though? Love. Real, honest, raw love. It's the core of why we do what we do. The inspiration behind every shutter click and group photo. Sure, wedding blogs and magazines are beautiful (and I am taken by the latest wedding trends every week) but when we get to witness two people surrendering themselves for better or for worse to be a new family and surrender themselves for another person -  it's truly touching. Erin and Andrew's wedding was full of this kind of contagious love. From the way Andrew held Erin - to the way Erin's eyes filled with tears of joy throughout their wedding day - it was a truly beautiful day. Erin and Andrew, it's been a true pleasure working with you both and we couldn't be happier that you have found one another. We know the world will be a better place because you are a team. Congratulations!

Jessica + Greg = Married

Jessica and Greg live in Chicago and had an entire week's worth of fun planned for their family and friends making the trip to Cape Cod for their wedding. I think it's safe to say that if our couples are worried about anything during their wedding day, it's the weather. This is especially true if any of their wedding day plans revolve around outdoor activities. While I know they had a lot of fun that week, the impending storm system and weather forecast for their late September wedding was not looking promising. As they say in New England,"If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes" so when we were looking at the forecast, we tried to stay positive because it really could turn itself around and become a beautiful day. The night before the wedding brought buckets of rain and as we drove down to Brewster the rain did not let up.  When I arrived to Jess's room, the venue had just finished telling her one of the hardest things a bride has to hear: not only was her outdoor ceremony going to be forced indoors but her reception pavilion was flooded and they were going to have to choose a different reception site. Talk about a double whammy. Jess handled the news with grace and the support of her bridesmaids and family kept her moving forward. A few minutes later, their coordinator Heather showed up again with some amazing news. Not only had the sun come out and the storm system passed allowing the ceremony to be moved back outdoors on the beach - but she had called the Army to pump the water out of the reception site and they were going to have the reception in the place they had planned to begin with! Cue Hallelujah chorus! Everyone was thrilled and blown away by how amazing Heather and the entire crew at Ocean Edge Resort was. We rolled with it all and continued on to Jess and Greg's sweet first look under a tree. The air was thick with misty rain as we snapped some portraits of them but Jess and Greg didn't seem to mind getting wet (such troopers!). After some fun bridal party photos and family portraits we all got ready for their heartwarming, sun drenched wedding on the beach. Such joy on their faces throughout the entire ceremony, it was so happy! After the ceremony we took full advantage of the beautiful sunset light on the beach and were amazed yet again by their willingness to tromp around barefoot in the sand in their (stunning) wedding attire. The evening ended with a hopping celebration for Jessica and Greg as their guests toasted to their new life together and boogied down on the dance floor. We've had a fantastic time getting to know these two and feel privileged to have been able to capture their wedding day. Big thanks to Chuck for joining our team for the day and lending his expertise behind the camera for Jessica and Greg. Congratulations Jess and Greg! You guys are the best!

Marleah + Chris = Married

While Marleah and Chris live on the beautiful island of Nantucket, they decided to get married in the equally beautiful town of Scituate for their wedding.  A ceremony at Saint Mary of the Nativity was followed by a reception at the gorgeous cottage home Marleah grew up in (yay backyard weddings!).  Add in some portraits out by the water (not to mention an extremely photogenic couple) and, well, you can see the results above!  Did we mention that their lab Fletcher makes his second appearance on our blog here?  All of the details were perfectly suited to emphasize the relaxed, coastal ambiance and laid back vibe that Marleah and Chris share. It was like one giant dinner party - with some rocking dancing! Marleah and Chris, we have loved getting to know you and enjoyed every moment of working with you. We know you will provide each other a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations!!

Morgan + Peter = Married

You will not meet a couple that is better suited for one another than Morgan and Peter. We've absolutely loved getting to know these two, especially since they booked us to shoot their gorgeous Cape Cod wedding almost two years ago. You really get to know someone in that amount of time, and one of our favorite perks of this job is when clients become friends. It was in that process that we got to know them better, met their dog, had an engagement session with them, worked on some smaller photo projects with them and exchanged about a thousand e-mails. On their wedding day when Kendra's allergies were so bad that she had lost her voice completely (but felt fine) it was no big thing since the four of us had established a relationship throughout their engagement and knew everything was going to work out (p.s. Morgan gets bride of the year for trusting a miming photographer with large group portraits!) Their wedding day was everything they imagined it to be. Gorgeous weather, perfect beachy wedding details, happy guests, a rocking dance party and an overflowing love that surrounded them as they became a new family. So much love. Morgan and Peter, it's been a true joy being a part of your lives. We couldn't be happier for you!