St Paul Wedding Photography

Amanda + Adam = Married

Amanda and Adam had one of the sweetest little weddings that we've seen all year. They kept their wedding simple and stylish with an intimate gathering of their closest friends and family at one of their favorite restaurants;  Heartland in St. Paul's old Market House.  The day started with Amanda getting ready at their new house, while Adam prepped with his guys at the St. Paul Hotel.  An adorable first look followed in Rice Park and we captured some beautiful portraits all over downtown St. Paul.  Both the wedding ceremony and the reception were held at Heartland, and their private event room was a beautiful setting for both.  One of our favorite things about doing restaurant weddings is (of course) the food. Chef Lenny and his team cooked an amazing three course meal in celebration of the newlyweds, but the most memorable part of the whole day had to be when Amanda surprised everyone during the ceremony by playing the guitar and singing a song  to Adam. No one had ever seen her play the guitar or sing - and it turned out she had been teaching herself how to play guitar for the past 6 months while Adam was away at soccer practice. There was not a dry eye in the house as Amanda so sweetly serenaded her groom. Amanda and Adam, it's been a true pleasure working with you both and we couldn't be happier for your new union. Congratulations!

Julia + Chris = Married

We loved photographing Julia and Chris' Wedding at The Linden Place in Bristol, Rhode Island. We have a thing for historic New England houses so that alone was enough to have us running around like kids with too much candy, but it was really the spirit of their wedding day that got us. Julia and Chris are both extremely intelligent, creative and well spoken people whom we admire. Their wedding was such a beautiful representation of them as a couple as well as their friends and family coming together as one big happy group.  I started off with Julia and her best ladies at the salon where they all primped and prepped to look even more gorgeous than they already were; while Matt hung with Chris, his guys and the couple's adorable dog, Buster, as they prepped for the ceremony. Something we see more and more of is when brides have a 'First Look' with their fathers after they are all ready and dressed and before he walks her down the aisle. I'm a big fan. Julia and her dad decided to share this moment with just the two of them minutes before the ceremony started and I'm pretty sure it was more emotional than the First Looks we do with bride and grooms. Meanwhile, guests outside waited for their crisp outdoor ceremony to start with warm cups of apple cider. Once the ceremony started Chris' face lit up when he saw Julia for the first time and the two of them only had eyes for each other which made the rest of us swoon in their sweetness. After the ceremony we zipped down to the Bristol waterfront for a few photos of the newlyweds on the docks and on the streets. The evening continued with a warm and cozy reception by a *huge* fire and lots of dancing and desserts. I'm in love with the giant paper flower installation Julia "whipped together in an afternoon" (super bride?) and tried to convince Chris that they need it as their headboard now. The paper flowers and loving, energetic celebration were just two small manifestations of what a great job Julia and Chris did infusing their wedding day with their personalities. What a great day! Julia and Chris, we are so happy for you and have loved working with you. Congratulations!

Kelsey + Danny = Married

I could gush allllll day about this wedding. When Kelsey and Danny approached us about photographing their big day in Antigua, Guatemala - we were head over heels for their wedding vision and for them as a pair. Kelsey and I go back to our college days in Minnesota. We danced together and I always admired her photography skills (she's a talented photographer herself) and heart for helping people. Naturally, these two things left me Facebook stalking all of her travel photos to Guatemala when she used to visit with her dad for medical outreach work - which only deepened my admiration for her. Fast forward a few years when Kelsey and Danny met in Guatemala. They fell head over heels for one another and the rest is history. We'd never met Danny in person, but once their wedding planning arrived in full force and we started talking with them more - it was clear what a great match he was for Kelsey. Grounded, compassionate and a heart of gold; Danny is a keeper. Their wedding day started much like our local weddings do with the bride getting ready with her crew and the groom doing the same while Matt and I photograph them separately. The hotel they got ready in was crazy gorgeous so we took full advantage of the nooks and crannies for their attire details and found a quiet little spot for their adorable first look (can you even handle the blindfold? I die). After some additional portraits on the grounds of the hotel with their families, wedding party and the parrots (hello!) we wandered around the streets for a few photos where Kelsey and Danny were literally stopping traffic with excited on-lookers. We eventually made our way up to their ceremony and reception venue which was owned by the same hotel but was the outdoor art-museum portion of the property. The venue was up a large hill which overlooked the city and the three volcanoes that surround the town, so the view was breathtaking. After a few more portraits we all prepped for the ceremony and I had my breath taken away when I saw their entire ceremony space FILLED with candles. Overlooking the city with volcanoes and hills, it was such a beautiful space to begin with, but with the addition of candles, sunset and the calm, joyous energy of their multilingual Catholic Ceremony - it was a truly beautiful experience. After the ceremony the party got started on the right foot with a gorgeous candle-lit reception set-up draped with roses and pearls. Kelsey and Danny made a lasting impression with their grand entrance by wowing all 300 guests with the most amazing first dance I've EVER seen. I later learned that they made up the entire thing on the spot. I shouldn't have been so surprised given how talented of a dancer Kelsey is, but I've got to hand it to Danny too. Wowzers. So much fun. The evening continued with sweet words from their loved ones and went on to be an amazing dance party that lasted until 3:00am. The Guatemalans know how to party (and dance)! We loved every moment of working with these two and their wonderful families. Congratulations Kelsey and Danny! You guys are the best!

Amy + Leah = Married

You guys. Seriously. This wedding was out of the park amazing. From the moment we met Amy and Leah, we were instantly smitten with their love for one another and zest for life. They have a beautiful way of being together and it's clear that they each are amazing individuals who deserve the best and found that in each other. Their wedding was held at one of our favorite venues, The Barn at Gibbet Hill where we arrived on the morning of their wedding to start off with each of them getting ready. Leah was upstairs with her parents and wedding party crew where loved ones were buzzing around prepping and primping for the ceremony. Amy's bridal suite was a bit calmer but just as much excitement was circulating around her. Once they were ready, we helped arrange their first look which is always one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. I think part of the reason I love first looks is because they are a little bit like when you are traveling apart from your loved one and you return from the trip seeing your favorite person in the world and all you can do is hug them with love and gratefulness that they are yours. It's as though you've been waiting to see them for so long and you've imagined what that embrace might be like and then it arrives and it's nothing but pure joy. Amy and Leah's first look was exactly like this, and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. After enjoying some couple portraits with them and the bovine (oh yeah!) we grabbed some shots of them with their hilariously awesome bridal party. As seen in the photo evidence above, it's clear that we took full advantage of the environment to get photos of their crew on the tractor and with farm equipment. Good times. After we finished photos the ceremony began and I can honestly say that there was not a dry eye in the crowd. Between the beautiful readings, overcast sky with vibrant fall foliage and the outpouring of love that Amy and Leah allowed their guests to bask in, it was a truly beautiful ceremony. The celebration continued with a cozy cocktail hour and full bellies of delicious food as their guests returned the favor of their own outpouring of love and congratulatory wishes in the form of toasts, hugs and some awesome dance moves. Amy and Leah, it's been an absolute pleasure working with you and we could not be more excited for your future together. We wish you decades of happiness, Congratulations!

Jessica + Greg = Married

Jessica and Greg live in Chicago and had an entire week's worth of fun planned for their family and friends making the trip to Cape Cod for their wedding. I think it's safe to say that if our couples are worried about anything during their wedding day, it's the weather. This is especially true if any of their wedding day plans revolve around outdoor activities. While I know they had a lot of fun that week, the impending storm system and weather forecast for their late September wedding was not looking promising. As they say in New England,"If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes" so when we were looking at the forecast, we tried to stay positive because it really could turn itself around and become a beautiful day. The night before the wedding brought buckets of rain and as we drove down to Brewster the rain did not let up.  When I arrived to Jess's room, the venue had just finished telling her one of the hardest things a bride has to hear: not only was her outdoor ceremony going to be forced indoors but her reception pavilion was flooded and they were going to have to choose a different reception site. Talk about a double whammy. Jess handled the news with grace and the support of her bridesmaids and family kept her moving forward. A few minutes later, their coordinator Heather showed up again with some amazing news. Not only had the sun come out and the storm system passed allowing the ceremony to be moved back outdoors on the beach - but she had called the Army to pump the water out of the reception site and they were going to have the reception in the place they had planned to begin with! Cue Hallelujah chorus! Everyone was thrilled and blown away by how amazing Heather and the entire crew at Ocean Edge Resort was. We rolled with it all and continued on to Jess and Greg's sweet first look under a tree. The air was thick with misty rain as we snapped some portraits of them but Jess and Greg didn't seem to mind getting wet (such troopers!). After some fun bridal party photos and family portraits we all got ready for their heartwarming, sun drenched wedding on the beach. Such joy on their faces throughout the entire ceremony, it was so happy! After the ceremony we took full advantage of the beautiful sunset light on the beach and were amazed yet again by their willingness to tromp around barefoot in the sand in their (stunning) wedding attire. The evening ended with a hopping celebration for Jessica and Greg as their guests toasted to their new life together and boogied down on the dance floor. We've had a fantastic time getting to know these two and feel privileged to have been able to capture their wedding day. Big thanks to Chuck for joining our team for the day and lending his expertise behind the camera for Jessica and Greg. Congratulations Jess and Greg! You guys are the best!

Annette + Jason = Married

From the beginning, Annette and Jason wanted the theme of their wedding to be a celebration of family. They consider their friends family as well, so really, the goal was a celebration of relationships. Annette and Jason are very relational people, so this was an easy task. Every aspect of their wedding was planned with this in mind - from the family-style food at the tables that guests shared, to the specific vendors involved with the wedding. For example, an aunt designed all of their paper goods, a friend made the photobooth wall, the mothers crafted the adorable and cheery decorations and Summer Street photographed their wedding. Matt and Annette have been friends since they were four, so it's been a true pleasure knowing Annette and Jason first as friends and then as clients. They are so sweet and charismatic. With all of these elements its no wonder their wedding day went off without a hitch. We were honored to have Julia join our team for the day and enjoyed every moment of Annette and Jason's Wedding Celebration. Annette and Jason, enjoy your European Honeymoon adventure - you know we're insanely jealous! Congratulations!

Ashley + Jamie = Married

Ashley and Jamie are beautiful souls. They are gentle, well-spoken, heart-felt and magnificent. Truly.  It has been an extreme honor getting to know them during this time of their lives and we are happy to call them new friends. From the beginning of their wedding planning they wanted a wedding day experience that represented their values and taste as well as an enjoyable weekend getaway for their guests. In fact, I think their day could be categorized as part of the "The Slow Wedding Movement" (you know, as compared to The Slow Food Movement" and yes, I just made that up.) They selected The 1768 Hubbell Homestad in Bennington, Vermont as the backdrop to their big day and choose to have a Quaker Ceremony on a high hill overlooking the mountains where guests are asked to bring their thoughts, text, poems and encouragement to contribute as part of the ceremony. It was beautiful. I cried. Three times in fact. After the ceremony we took full advantage of the stunning grounds at the Homestead to grab some photos of Ashley and Jamie as freshly coined husband and wife. They were beaming in their newlywed glow, which made our job a cinch. The evening continued down at the Homestead under a clear night sky and more happy toasts to the couple. We enjoyed watching *all* of the wedding guests boogie down (especially the 50+ crowd) and drove the 3 hour drive back to Boston with a full heart and smile on our face. Ashley and Jamie, we couldn't be more grateful for you in our lives. Congratulations!!

Sarah + Ben = Married

We've had the distinct honor of knowing Sarah and Ben since the beginning of their relationship, which coincided with our cross country move from Minnesota to Massachusetts four years ago. They too, were moving from MN to MA and Sarah was a dancer, Ben was an academic - just like us. It was destiny that we meet once we moved out here and the four of us became fast friends. Our time in Massachusetts has been bench marked by a few very special relationships, and Sarah and Ben are a huge part of that. We've shared countless dinners, artistic projects and genuine conversations with them. To say that photographing their wedding was an pleasure would be an understatement. We loved documenting their day in a way that reflected their distinct personalities and united commonality (in fact, their wedding ceremony readings were from The Metamorphosis of Plants and Julia Child's autobiography...which is SO perfect for both of them). Ipswich Mass has become a very special place for Sarah and Ben, so The Inn at Castle Hill was a perfect backdrop for their intimate 21 person guest list. The Inn lies within the grounds of The Crane Estate, so we were also able to photograph them by the breathtaking mansion grounds, which we loved and felt as though we'd be swept to an English Palace. Their ceremony started with the sound of the wind gently moving hand bells that their guests held (which was so peaceful and beautiful) and ended ended with an emotion filled kiss and an explosion of laughter and cheering. Their evening boasted a beautiful sunset and heartfelt toasts as they enjoyed a foodie-approved dinner catered by Fireside Catering.  Sarah and Ben, we are so happy for you and know that the future will hold great things for you both. Congratulations!!

Janet + John = Married

What do you get when you combine a stunning New England mansion, a sea of happy faces, an adorable Golden Retriever named Pudgey, a steadfast and happy groom and an beautiful bride? I'll tell you. Janet and John's wedding. Photographing Janet and John's big day was a true delight. I started with the ladies at The Lenox Hotel in Boston (she got ready in the room Judy Garland called her favorite...swoon) and loved watching the excitement buzz around as Janet primped and prepped for the ceremony. Matt went with the guys as they enjoyed a glass of beer, casually got their suits and ties on and hung out with Pudgey. Their ceremony was on the lawn of the mansion at Elm Bank which is part of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and it was STUNNING. Guests cheers as John entered the ceremony space, leaving him gleaming with happiness as Janet floated down the aisle to her groom. We took advantage of the manicured lawn and flower gardens for their portraits (with Pudgey in tow of course) and watched as guests danced the night away in the carriage house. Janet and John; we are so happy for you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness together. It was an honor being a part of your day! Congratulations!