LGBT Wedding

Amy + Leah = Married

You guys. Seriously. This wedding was out of the park amazing. From the moment we met Amy and Leah, we were instantly smitten with their love for one another and zest for life. They have a beautiful way of being together and it's clear that they each are amazing individuals who deserve the best and found that in each other. Their wedding was held at one of our favorite venues, The Barn at Gibbet Hill where we arrived on the morning of their wedding to start off with each of them getting ready. Leah was upstairs with her parents and wedding party crew where loved ones were buzzing around prepping and primping for the ceremony. Amy's bridal suite was a bit calmer but just as much excitement was circulating around her. Once they were ready, we helped arrange their first look which is always one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. I think part of the reason I love first looks is because they are a little bit like when you are traveling apart from your loved one and you return from the trip seeing your favorite person in the world and all you can do is hug them with love and gratefulness that they are yours. It's as though you've been waiting to see them for so long and you've imagined what that embrace might be like and then it arrives and it's nothing but pure joy. Amy and Leah's first look was exactly like this, and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. After enjoying some couple portraits with them and the bovine (oh yeah!) we grabbed some shots of them with their hilariously awesome bridal party. As seen in the photo evidence above, it's clear that we took full advantage of the environment to get photos of their crew on the tractor and with farm equipment. Good times. After we finished photos the ceremony began and I can honestly say that there was not a dry eye in the crowd. Between the beautiful readings, overcast sky with vibrant fall foliage and the outpouring of love that Amy and Leah allowed their guests to bask in, it was a truly beautiful ceremony. The celebration continued with a cozy cocktail hour and full bellies of delicious food as their guests returned the favor of their own outpouring of love and congratulatory wishes in the form of toasts, hugs and some awesome dance moves. Amy and Leah, it's been an absolute pleasure working with you and we could not be more excited for your future together. We wish you decades of happiness, Congratulations!

Chris + Mark = Married

Oh Mark and Chris. They are so good together. They are the pair that finish each others sentences and have the relationship maturity of a couple who has been married for 50 years. We adore them. They said 'I Do' at one of our favorite Boston area venues, The Lyman Estate. You know that we're suckers for Historic New England properties (we got married at another Historic New England venue) but there is just something so special about weddings on these properties. It's as though you enter into a bygone era where parties on the green with food passing from inside to out is no big thing and people can mingle unhurried, enjoying the slow pace of an afternoon. Mark and Chris' wedding was no exception. Little details that reflected their relationship and interests (a scotch and whiskey bar!) were sprinkled throughout the grand estate. Youngsters enjoyed lawn games on the green while adults enjoyed the picture perfect weather outside and hugged the happy couple. We loved shooting in the lush greenhouse and grounds as Mark and Chris reveled in the newness of being married. Aren't the colors in the greenhouse amazing? Later on, the night continued with one of the most emotional mother-son dances we've *ever* seen (yes, Kendra cried) and then evolved into a hopping dance party. So much fun. We're so happy for you, Mark and Chris! Thank you for allowing us to share in your special day.