Minneapolis Wedding Photography

Autumn + Kate = Married

summerstreetphotography_095 summerstreetphotography_096 summerstreetphotography_097 summerstreetphotography_098 summerstreetphotography_099 summerstreetphotography_100 summerstreetphotography_101 summerstreetphotography_102 summerstreetphotography_103 summerstreetphotography_104 summerstreetphotography_105 summerstreetphotography_106 summerstreetphotography_107 summerstreetphotography_108 summerstreetphotography_109 summerstreetphotography_110 summerstreetphotography_111 summerstreetphotography_112 summerstreetphotography_113 summerstreetphotography_114 summerstreetphotography_115 summerstreetphotography_116 summerstreetphotography_117 summerstreetphotography_118 summerstreetphotography_119 summerstreetphotography_120 summerstreetphotography_121 summerstreetphotography_122 summerstreetphotography_123 summerstreetphotography_124 summerstreetphotography_125 summerstreetphotography_126 summerstreetphotography_127 summerstreetphotography_128 summerstreetphotography_129 summerstreetphotography_130 summerstreetphotography_131 summerstreetphotography_132 summerstreetphotography_133 summerstreetphotography_134 summerstreetphotography_135 summerstreetphotography_136 summerstreetphotography_137 summerstreetphotography_138 summerstreetphotography_139 summerstreetphotography_140 summerstreetphotography_141 summerstreetphotography_142 summerstreetphotography_143 summerstreetphotography_144 summerstreetphotography_145 summerstreetphotography_146 summerstreetphotography_147 summerstreetphotography_148 summerstreetphotography_149 summerstreetphotography_150 summerstreetphotography_151 summerstreetphotography_152 summerstreetphotography_153 summerstreetphotography_154 summerstreetphotography_155 summerstreetphotography_156 summerstreetphotography_157 summerstreetphotography_158 summerstreetphotography_159 summerstreetphotography_160 summerstreetphotography_161 summerstreetphotography_162 summerstreetphotography_163 summerstreetphotography_164 summerstreetphotography_165 summerstreetphotography_166 summerstreetphotography_167 summerstreetphotography_168 summerstreetphotography_169 summerstreetphotography_170 summerstreetphotography_171 summerstreetphotography_172 summerstreetphotography_173 summerstreetphotography_174 summerstreetphotography_175 summerstreetphotography_176 summerstreetphotography_177 summerstreetphotography_178 summerstreetphotography_179 summerstreetphotography_180 summerstreetphotography_181 summerstreetphotography_182 summerstreetphotography_183 summerstreetphotography_184 summerstreetphotography_185 summerstreetphotography_186 summerstreetphotography_187 summerstreetphotography_188We love this wedding and this couple for so many reasons. The one that sticks out the most though, has to be their natural ability to make each other smile. In their vows, Kate promised to keep Autumn safe, and Autumn promised to keep Kate wild. How beautiful is that? Their entire wedding day was filled with genuine love and infectious laughter. We could not wipe the smiles off our faces watching these newlyweds together and know the world will be a better place because they are together. Some highlights from the day included taking photos in front of the Bob Dylan mural downtown Minneapolis (with NO cars in front of the wall, thank-you universe!) and watching their guests (unsuccessfully) resist the impressive dessert table. And when I say impressive I mean IMPRESSIVE. Their day in one word could easily be summed up as: happiness. Congratulations Autumn and Kate! We are so happy for you both.

Bohemian Proposal Editoral Shoot

summerstreetphotography_707 summerstreetphotography_708 summerstreetphotography_709 summerstreetphotography_710 summerstreetphotography_711 summerstreetphotography_712 summerstreetphotography_713 summerstreetphotography_714 summerstreetphotography_715 summerstreetphotography_716 summerstreetphotography_717 summerstreetphotography_718 summerstreetphotography_719 summerstreetphotography_720 summerstreetphotography_721 summerstreetphotography_722 summerstreetphotography_723 summerstreetphotography_724 summerstreetphotography_725 summerstreetphotography_726 summerstreetphotography_727Well hello there! We've taken our annual blogging hiatus for the month of January and are excited to share this project on the blog with you today. Late last summer, the National Stationer Wedding Paper Divas reached out to us about doing a wedding inspiration project with one of their paper suites. We were intrigued and then promptly gathered some of our favorite Minnesota wedding vendors to collaborate on the project. Lizie from Lizie Anne Weddings and Proposals, set the stage with a concept she dreamt up for a Bohemian Wedding Proposal among dreamy weeping willow trees. The lovely Tara from A Day in Provence  joined forces to create lush, bright florals for our scene that complimented the summery green foliage. Julie from Julie Swenson Beauty made our models even more beautiful with breezy hair and makeup and our real-couple Paige and Savaughn who made my job a piece of cake. The shoot was featured on 100 Layer Cake last week which felt like just the right avenue to share with their readers. It's always fun for us to work on these sorts of projects because it's not often we (as vendors) get full creative control with a team who shares the same vision. Then, by the time wedding season comes we have new vendors to recommend to our couples who are looking to round out their wedding day team. It's a win-win for us all, and this shoot definitely makes us anxious to get the 2016 wedding season rolling!

Jess + Tom = Married

SummerStreetPhotography_521 SummerStreetPhotography_522 SummerStreetPhotography_523 SummerStreetPhotography_524 SummerStreetPhotography_525 SummerStreetPhotography_526 SummerStreetPhotography_527 SummerStreetPhotography_528 SummerStreetPhotography_529 SummerStreetPhotography_530 SummerStreetPhotography_531 SummerStreetPhotography_532 SummerStreetPhotography_533 SummerStreetPhotography_534 SummerStreetPhotography_535 SummerStreetPhotography_536 SummerStreetPhotography_537 SummerStreetPhotography_538 SummerStreetPhotography_539 SummerStreetPhotography_540 SummerStreetPhotography_541 SummerStreetPhotography_542 SummerStreetPhotography_543 SummerStreetPhotography_544 SummerStreetPhotography_545 SummerStreetPhotography_546 SummerStreetPhotography_547 SummerStreetPhotography_548 SummerStreetPhotography_549 SummerStreetPhotography_550 SummerStreetPhotography_551 SummerStreetPhotography_552 SummerStreetPhotography_553 SummerStreetPhotography_554 SummerStreetPhotography_555 SummerStreetPhotography_556 SummerStreetPhotography_557 SummerStreetPhotography_558 SummerStreetPhotography_559 SummerStreetPhotography_560 SummerStreetPhotography_561 SummerStreetPhotography_562 SummerStreetPhotography_563 SummerStreetPhotography_564 SummerStreetPhotography_565 SummerStreetPhotography_566 SummerStreetPhotography_567 SummerStreetPhotography_568 SummerStreetPhotography_569 SummerStreetPhotography_570 SummerStreetPhotography_571 SummerStreetPhotography_572 SummerStreetPhotography_573 SummerStreetPhotography_574 SummerStreetPhotography_575 SummerStreetPhotography_576 SummerStreetPhotography_577 SummerStreetPhotography_578 SummerStreetPhotography_579 SummerStreetPhotography_580 SummerStreetPhotography_581 SummerStreetPhotography_582 SummerStreetPhotography_583 SummerStreetPhotography_584 SummerStreetPhotography_585 SummerStreetPhotography_586 SummerStreetPhotography_587 SummerStreetPhotography_588 SummerStreetPhotography_589 SummerStreetPhotography_590 SummerStreetPhotography_591 SummerStreetPhotography_592 SummerStreetPhotography_593 SummerStreetPhotography_594 SummerStreetPhotography_595 SummerStreetPhotography_596 SummerStreetPhotography_597 SummerStreetPhotography_598 SummerStreetPhotography_599 SummerStreetPhotography_600 SummerStreetPhotography_601 SummerStreetPhotography_602 SummerStreetPhotography_603 SummerStreetPhotography_604 SummerStreetPhotography_605 SummerStreetPhotography_606 SummerStreetPhotography_607 SummerStreetPhotography_608 SummerStreetPhotography_609 SummerStreetPhotography_610 SummerStreetPhotography_611 SummerStreetPhotography_612 SummerStreetPhotography_613 SummerStreetPhotography_614 SummerStreetPhotography_615This wedding makes our hearts happy. Jess and Tom are two of the most genuine, loving folks who exemplify 'better together'. They were married in November in Minneapolis at the Polish Hall in Northeast. We love that these long-standing event venues are making a hip come back with couples getting married today. These spaces went through a phase when 'bigger and better crystal drenched hotel ballrooms' were all the rage and they were forgotten, but now that weddings are as diverse and varied as the couples who make the party, historic event halls are making a serious come back. The energy in these spaces automatically make them a great place to get married because you know there have been weddings there for 100+ years, as well as family reunions, church potlucks and anniversary parties. In short, a lot of love and laughter have passed through these halls. Jess and Tom took full advantage with their crew of loving family and friends who toasted to their vows to be together forever. After getting ready in different rooms at Tom's charming childhood home in south Minneapolis, the pair set aside a few quiet moments to see one another for the first time before the ceremony and take advantage of some pretty fall foliage. Everyone gathered at the Polish Hall for a few more photos before the ceremony as the wedding jitters set in. The ceremony was heartfelt and sweet, and when the couple was announced husband and wife, the crowd burst into happy applause. They had delicious BBQ catered in for their wedding dinner and a spread of desserts that would have made the old Polish ladies proud. The dancing was a hit for all generations and the newlyweds beamed on cloud nine. It was a very good day, and a lovely wedding to end our 2015 season on. Congratulations Jess and Tom! We are so happy for you!

Kate + Rob = Married

Kate and Rob were married at the historic Semple Mansion in Minneapolis a few weeks back to what turned out to be such a classy day. The mansion served as a beautiful backdrop in an old-world romance sort of way, which was only exemplified with personal touches such as flowers made by the groom's sister and one of their dear friends serenading everyone with 'La Vie in Rose' during the ceremony. With Rob's contagious laugh and zest for life, and Kate's honest and loving heart, they are so good together. We've loved working with these two and know they have so much happiness in their future. Kate and Rob, thank you for trusting us to capture your big day. Congratulations!!

Holli + Menzie = Married

Every wedding we photograph has a unique beauty to it. People celebrate their unions in their own way - and we love how diverse this can be from couple to couple. Sometimes though, there are weddings where every single element is ON FIRE. Holli + Menzie's wedding was such an event. The beautiful bride's sister just happens to be in the wedding industry (hi Amy!) which is the best of all worlds when you have someone so close to you, and who knows you as a couple so well, help turn your wedding into a personal, beautiful event that is professionally orchestrated in every detail. The vendor team was A+++, and for us that means folks who are not only insanely talented at what they do, but also wonderful people to work with who share a vision of pampering the couple with their talents. What really made this wedding work though, was the connection Holli and Menzie share. It's clear they were made for one another and their love gave off such a radiant, welcoming vibe to everyone at Orchestra Hall that night. Holli and Menzie - you guys are the real deal. We have loved getting to know you and know you will have so many years of happiness together. Congratulations!

Kelly + Dylan = Married

This wedding makes us excited for so many reasons. First off all, did you see Kelly and Dylan? They both look like they just walked off the set of The Great Gatsby. Classy, timeless and (dare I say) sexy, these two are easy to photograph. Beside the fact that their wedding was filled with personal touches and styled elements that made our job easy, these two really are as good as it gets. Their hearts are big and open, ready to welcome life and whatever comes their way, together. Secondarily, we're over the moon to share this wedding because it's a testament to why life is such an exciting surprise. If you've been following our blog lately, you'll know that we've been training a new Midwest Associate Photographer, Abby, since the beginning of this year. Abby has been a quick learner, and Kelly and Dylan's wedding was her first solo wedding. When Kelly and Dylan reached out to us just a few short weeks before their wedding, we were already booked but Abby was available and let's just say it was all meant to be. As we tell all our clients, having Associate Shooters was never really in the business plan for us (nor was becoming wedding photographers, actually) but life has amazing ways of presenting opportunities to us when we least expect them and it's always for the best. I think you'll agree that it's good to have Abby on the team, and as far as Kelly and Dylan are concerned? We couldn't be happier to have had the opportunity of working together. Congratulations you two! We're over the moon for you.

TuVan + Peter = Married

Recently, we've had a pretty cool trend with our couples having been together for nearly ten years. There is such a great familiarity in these relationships that feels like each person is the calming force of the other's world. The comfortable, stable love and commitment these folks share is so sweet and tells us how great they will do in their marriage together. TuVan and Peter are a perfect example of this. TuVan is the type of girl who has a million things running through her mind and takes everyones feelings into consideration before speaking a calming word or making a well-thought-out decision. Peter is the kind of guy who makes you feel welcomed from the first hello with his magnetic, kind personality. Together they are a perfect match. TuVan and Peter shared not one, but two beautiful Vietnamese Tea Ceremonies on the morning of their Wedding Day that incorporated family and religious traditions such as generous gifting and delicious tea and food. After their families fed all their guests (and us!) with some seriously amazing food (two Vietnamese brunches before noon is a pretty awesome challenge if you ask us) TuVan and Peter changed into their stylish Western Wedding attire and gathered on the University of Minnesota campus (where they met!) with their wedding party for some fun photos between the rain storms. The celebration continued at a nearby Chinese banquet hall for more awesome food (a 10 course feast!), a hopping photobooth and some sweet dance moves. Special thanks to our Associate shooter Abby for third shooting with us on their wedding day and Congratulations to Tuvan and Peter!

Morgan + Jordan = Married

I'm not sure if we've ever worked with a couple SO EXCITED to get married. Morgan and Jordan are so well suited for one another, and their love left us with a huge grin wiped across our face. With common loves for travel, adventure, God and the outdoors, these two are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Their Wedding day was filled with 300 of their closest friends and family, lots of great stories (and songs!) and a skies that had forecasted 100% chance of rain but not a drop touched their shoulders during their wedding. It was a pretty spectacular day. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to capture their wedding story (special thanks to our talented friend and second shooter, Ellie!) and wish the happy couple so many years of great adventures. Congratulations Morgan and Jordan!

Deb + Tyler = Engaged

The world is a better place when you have duos like Deb and Tyler. Creative, talented, funny and so genuine, these two are the real deal. Deb and Tyler are both well respected Actors in the Twin Cities, and we actually had the privilege of seeing them perform well before they became clients of ours. Even then, we were drawn to their humble approachability and kindness. We've sense gotten to know them a little better and can attest to the great people they are. Our new Midwest Associate shooter Abby will be photographing their wedding later in August, so before the big day the three of them set out to capture some Engagement Photos at a beautiful park in Eagan. We are thrilled with the results and can't wait to share more of their big day in just a few weeks!

Stephanie + Peter = Engaged

I could talk allllll day about these two. You see, Stephanie and Peter are near and dear to our hearts. Once upon a time Matt and Peter went to high school together in St. Paul, MN. They were inseparable and remained close when they went to college together at the University of Minnesota. Stephanie and I were both dance majors and lived just down the hall from one another in Middlebrook Hall. We became fast friends and were soon spending more time together than apart. As many of you know, Matt and I met on the first day of college, so all the while we dated I would spend time with his group of friends and he with mine. Stephanie and Peter had met a few times through mutual gatherings, but never really had the chance to get to know one another. Fast forward four glorious years of late night studying, piled dishes in the sink and the formation of life-long friendships it was time for Matt and I to say goodbye to our beloved friends in Minnesota and head East. There was a little peek of interest that Peter showed towards Stephanie and Stephanie towards Peter, so of course Matt and I milked that for all it was worth and practically made them hold hands during a goodbye party we had in Minneapolis. They exchanged numbers, began hanging out and within a matter of weeks they were dating. We were over the moon but didn't want to jinx anything so we played it cool. As fate would have it, they feel madly in love with one another and are now planning to be wed this fall in their backyard. We jumped at the opportunity to take some Engagement Photos in the chill of a Minnesota January day a few weeks back when we were in Minnesota. They brought their adorable pup, Flika who kind of stole the show. We are SO excited for these two to tie the knot. Congratulations our dear Stephi and Pete!! We love you to pieces!!