Annette + Jason = Married

From the beginning, Annette and Jason wanted the theme of their wedding to be a celebration of family. They consider their friends family as well, so really, the goal was a celebration of relationships. Annette and Jason are very relational people, so this was an easy task. Every aspect of their wedding was planned with this in mind - from the family-style food at the tables that guests shared, to the specific vendors involved with the wedding. For example, an aunt designed all of their paper goods, a friend made the photobooth wall, the mothers crafted the adorable and cheery decorations and Summer Street photographed their wedding. Matt and Annette have been friends since they were four, so it's been a true pleasure knowing Annette and Jason first as friends and then as clients. They are so sweet and charismatic. With all of these elements its no wonder their wedding day went off without a hitch. We were honored to have Julia join our team for the day and enjoyed every moment of Annette and Jason's Wedding Celebration. Annette and Jason, enjoy your European Honeymoon adventure - you know we're insanely jealous! Congratulations!