Corey + Brandy = A Proposal

We just had to share this one with you. Brandy and Corey live in Texas and had planned a Boston Vacation in September to enjoy the city, take in some Red Sox Games and unknown to Brandy - get engaged. Corey contacted us before their arrival to set up the plan, which was about the sweetest thing any guy can do after buying a ring and making a plan for a perfect proposal. It was clear that he was excited and ready to ask Brandy to marry him. We worked together to find a location in the Boston Public Garden where he would ask her, and instead of getting to specific (since they had never been there) we simply decided to 'meet' them by the Make Way for Duckings statues in the garden. When we approached them and casually walked by, giving Corey a nod, he was reading Brandy the Make Way for Ducklings book (he's a keeper). We chose a time that would be quieter in the Garden and followed Corey around until he found the spot. Brandy was totally clueless at this point what was going on, and that she was about to get paparazzi-ed. We watched as Corey's foot started tapping a million miles a minute as he locked eyes with Brandy and talked with her....all the while fumbling a bit towards his pocket for the ring. After a few minutes he sweetly got down on one knee and asked Brandy to be his wife. We snapped away, and after a few minutes we approached them as planned to grab a few photos of them as a freshly engaged couple. They were so sweet together and we loved learning about their upcoming journey to move to Germany for Corey's job. What an exciting and happy time! Congrats Corey and Brandy, we wish you nothing but the best!