Melissa + Matt = Married

Melissa and Matt's Wedding Day was a perfect blend of family, friends, love and a nice dose of wedding jitters to keep everyone in the moment. I started the day with Melissa and her bridesmaids as they got ready for the ceremony at her aunt's home. The house was buzzing with excitement as the ladies got their final touches on their hair and makeup - and Melissa was beaming. She was calm and happy, but was also fighting back tears at the realization that the day she and Matt had been planning for so long had finally arrived. Once everyone was all ready I grabbed some photos of Melissa with her nearest and dearest (isn't her grandmother stunning?) and we headed over to the Westford Regency Inn where the ceremony and reception would be taking place. I met up with Shannon, who joined our team for the day and she had just finished hanging with the guys and grabbing some photos of Matt and his groomsmen (isn't that 'flying V' groomsmen photo cool? It makes me smile). We set up for the ceremony and watched lots of happy guests file in to welcome Melissa into the room. There were two surprises during the ceremony that most people didn't know about. One was that Melissa's grandfather was officiating the ceremony and the other surprise was a song that was played during their ceremony that Melissa had pre-recorded of herself singing to Matt. I'm fairly sure this is when the waterworks started for both Matt and Melissa. It was so sweet. After the ceremony we grabbed some photos of the two of them as they basked in their newlywed glow and enjoyed watching the guests tear up the dance floor later on. Matt and Melissa were on cloud nine and radiated happiness the entire evening. Melissa and Matt, it's been such a pleasure. We wish you many years of happiness, Congratulations!