MA Wedding

Cassie + Dave = Married

Cassie and Dave were married at Ocean Edge Resort (literally on the ocean's edge..) in Brewster, Mass a few weeks back and Chuck was there to capture it all. Cassie and Dave are a kind, playful pair that know how to slow down and enjoy life together. Their wedding was a celebration of their special union and filled with love and beautiful sea breezes. We are loving the photos Chuck captured of the two of them on the beach with their newlywed glow. Doesn't Cassie rock her full A-line dress so well? We don't see many brides daring to go big in the dress department, but Cassie knows how to work it. Dave also looks very dapper in his suit, so paired together on the beach during sunset is about as good as it gets from a photographer's point of view. In addition to being easy to photograph, Cassie and Dave are a joy to be around so once again we bask in the glow of gratitude for the incredible folks we get to have in our Summer Street family. Congratulations Cassie and Dave. We wish you all the best!

Jessica + Greg = Married

Jessica and Greg live in Chicago and had an entire week's worth of fun planned for their family and friends making the trip to Cape Cod for their wedding. I think it's safe to say that if our couples are worried about anything during their wedding day, it's the weather. This is especially true if any of their wedding day plans revolve around outdoor activities. While I know they had a lot of fun that week, the impending storm system and weather forecast for their late September wedding was not looking promising. As they say in New England,"If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes" so when we were looking at the forecast, we tried to stay positive because it really could turn itself around and become a beautiful day. The night before the wedding brought buckets of rain and as we drove down to Brewster the rain did not let up.  When I arrived to Jess's room, the venue had just finished telling her one of the hardest things a bride has to hear: not only was her outdoor ceremony going to be forced indoors but her reception pavilion was flooded and they were going to have to choose a different reception site. Talk about a double whammy. Jess handled the news with grace and the support of her bridesmaids and family kept her moving forward. A few minutes later, their coordinator Heather showed up again with some amazing news. Not only had the sun come out and the storm system passed allowing the ceremony to be moved back outdoors on the beach - but she had called the Army to pump the water out of the reception site and they were going to have the reception in the place they had planned to begin with! Cue Hallelujah chorus! Everyone was thrilled and blown away by how amazing Heather and the entire crew at Ocean Edge Resort was. We rolled with it all and continued on to Jess and Greg's sweet first look under a tree. The air was thick with misty rain as we snapped some portraits of them but Jess and Greg didn't seem to mind getting wet (such troopers!). After some fun bridal party photos and family portraits we all got ready for their heartwarming, sun drenched wedding on the beach. Such joy on their faces throughout the entire ceremony, it was so happy! After the ceremony we took full advantage of the beautiful sunset light on the beach and were amazed yet again by their willingness to tromp around barefoot in the sand in their (stunning) wedding attire. The evening ended with a hopping celebration for Jessica and Greg as their guests toasted to their new life together and boogied down on the dance floor. We've had a fantastic time getting to know these two and feel privileged to have been able to capture their wedding day. Big thanks to Chuck for joining our team for the day and lending his expertise behind the camera for Jessica and Greg. Congratulations Jess and Greg! You guys are the best!

Leandra + James = Married

When we met with Leandra and James last fall as they were planning their red and black March wedding, we loved hearing their plans to create an event that captured their personalities. James plays the lead guitar in a Rockabilly Band and Leandra's favorite color is red, to which James added that it took a lot of encouragement to Leandra not to paint their entire house crimson. Even further than their mutual love of good music and bold colors, it was clear to us that Leandra and James belonged together. They finished each other's sentences and looked at one another as though their hearts were on their sleeve. When we arrived to photograph the ladies getting ready at the hotel, the energy was buzzing and all of Leandra's sisters and nieces were putting the finishing touches on their ruby lips. There were lots of bodies in the small hotel room but Leandra was as cool as a cucumber. We later made our way over to Bittersweet Farms where the barn-like reception hall had been turned into an fun and funky party filled with little details like Mad Limbs on the tables and an incredible vampire bride and groom cake topper that Leandra made (Leandra is a girl after my own heart as she DIY'd nearly EVERYTHING at her wedding). Also waiting at the venue was a sweet and slightly nervous James. Once Leandra walked down the aisle the world seemed to melt away and everyone was enraptured by Leandra and James' sweet demeanor with one another.

The party got off to an energetic start after they walked down the aisle as husband and wife, and we took advantage of the setting sun for family photos and portraits of the newlyweds around the grounds of Bittersweet Farms (we can't pick a favorite photo of the two of them from their portraits!) Later on they cut their cake (which a friend made for them) and boogied down to music from The Memphis Rockabilly Band, which definitely one of the coolest wedding bands we've ever seen!

Lauren + Jay = Married

The love Lauren and Jay have for each other is infectious. When we met them last spring, it was clear that they shared a special bond. When we shot their engagement session this summer, we had the privilege of getting to know them even better and it seemed as though they had always been a part of each others life. Lauren and Jay. Jay and Lauren. They were so natural together. When we shot their unusually warm December wedding a few weeks back, it became clear that their love was rooted in a larger picture. Both of their respective families were just so loving and warm. As an outsider, we often don't' know who's family belongs with what side of the bride and groom - but we can honestly say that the entire party just seemed like one large family fun fest. Everyone was there to shower their support on Lauren and Jay, and it pretty much left a perma-smile on our faces throughout the entire day. After getting ready with their respective bridal party and family members (with rooms exactly next to one another! The anticipation!) they each got on separate wedding trolleys and headed for the sweetest little church in Littleton, MA. Jay's eyes welled with tears as Lauren walked down the aisle with a huge grin on her face. The ceremony was filled with laughter and ended in song, as so appropriately stated by their officiant after their kiss: "Lauren and Jay felt that the only appropriate action after this moment was to celebrate with music." The celebration continued with a fun bridal party trolly ride (this trolly was decked.out....a fireplace...fog machine...light shows....need I say more?) and a gorgeous reception at the Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton. One of our favorite moments was Lauren and her dad's first dance, which they decided to go a bit further and personalize the tradition by replacing it with a duet, with Jay as the lead guitar. Talk about sweet! There wasn't a dry eye in the house. We had a great time shooting and even decided to snap a few portraits of them with some twinkle lights since the sun had long past set by the time they were able to have a moment to themselves. Congrats you two! We know you'll share many years of happiness together.

Jessica + Sean = Married

If weddings were novels, Jessica and Sean's would be The Great Gatsby. Their wedding was on Hurricane Irene Sunday, and originally the plan was to have the ceremony outside and the reception under a large tent. Mother Nature had other plans, and luckily the inside of their venue was absolutely stunning, which made for an intimate and romantic setting. Their wedding was the epitome of style and class. Even as we were editing, we were constantly fighting the urge to make the entire event black and white. It was truly timeless. We were blessed with fifteen minutes of sunshine and no rain (sunshine! During a hurricane!) right in time to capture their first look and stroll through the beautiful grounds and grape arbors of the Mansion. They personalized the day by incorporating an Armenian Crowning during their ceremony, having a giant screen printed poster as their guest book ("How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."), having a mini flash dance with their bridal party, serving Armenian desserts alongside their gorgeous cake and sending their guests home with yummy cake pops. (We took two, except I ate both of them. Sorry Matt!) We were so happy to be a part of their wedding, and will always remember it as our night living in one of our favorite novels. Also, a big thanks to fellow photographer friend, Steph Stevens, of Steph Stevens Photo for letting us borrow some extra lighting!