Lauren + Jay = Married

The love Lauren and Jay have for each other is infectious. When we met them last spring, it was clear that they shared a special bond. When we shot their engagement session this summer, we had the privilege of getting to know them even better and it seemed as though they had always been a part of each others life. Lauren and Jay. Jay and Lauren. They were so natural together. When we shot their unusually warm December wedding a few weeks back, it became clear that their love was rooted in a larger picture. Both of their respective families were just so loving and warm. As an outsider, we often don't' know who's family belongs with what side of the bride and groom - but we can honestly say that the entire party just seemed like one large family fun fest. Everyone was there to shower their support on Lauren and Jay, and it pretty much left a perma-smile on our faces throughout the entire day. After getting ready with their respective bridal party and family members (with rooms exactly next to one another! The anticipation!) they each got on separate wedding trolleys and headed for the sweetest little church in Littleton, MA. Jay's eyes welled with tears as Lauren walked down the aisle with a huge grin on her face. The ceremony was filled with laughter and ended in song, as so appropriately stated by their officiant after their kiss: "Lauren and Jay felt that the only appropriate action after this moment was to celebrate with music." The celebration continued with a fun bridal party trolly ride (this trolly was decked.out....a fireplace...fog machine...light shows....need I say more?) and a gorgeous reception at the Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton. One of our favorite moments was Lauren and her dad's first dance, which they decided to go a bit further and personalize the tradition by replacing it with a duet, with Jay as the lead guitar. Talk about sweet! There wasn't a dry eye in the house. We had a great time shooting and even decided to snap a few portraits of them with some twinkle lights since the sun had long past set by the time they were able to have a moment to themselves. Congrats you two! We know you'll share many years of happiness together.