Best Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Kelly + Dylan = Married

This wedding makes us excited for so many reasons. First off all, did you see Kelly and Dylan? They both look like they just walked off the set of The Great Gatsby. Classy, timeless and (dare I say) sexy, these two are easy to photograph. Beside the fact that their wedding was filled with personal touches and styled elements that made our job easy, these two really are as good as it gets. Their hearts are big and open, ready to welcome life and whatever comes their way, together. Secondarily, we're over the moon to share this wedding because it's a testament to why life is such an exciting surprise. If you've been following our blog lately, you'll know that we've been training a new Midwest Associate Photographer, Abby, since the beginning of this year. Abby has been a quick learner, and Kelly and Dylan's wedding was her first solo wedding. When Kelly and Dylan reached out to us just a few short weeks before their wedding, we were already booked but Abby was available and let's just say it was all meant to be. As we tell all our clients, having Associate Shooters was never really in the business plan for us (nor was becoming wedding photographers, actually) but life has amazing ways of presenting opportunities to us when we least expect them and it's always for the best. I think you'll agree that it's good to have Abby on the team, and as far as Kelly and Dylan are concerned? We couldn't be happier to have had the opportunity of working together. Congratulations you two! We're over the moon for you.

Morgan + Jordan = Married

I'm not sure if we've ever worked with a couple SO EXCITED to get married. Morgan and Jordan are so well suited for one another, and their love left us with a huge grin wiped across our face. With common loves for travel, adventure, God and the outdoors, these two are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Their Wedding day was filled with 300 of their closest friends and family, lots of great stories (and songs!) and a skies that had forecasted 100% chance of rain but not a drop touched their shoulders during their wedding. It was a pretty spectacular day. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to capture their wedding story (special thanks to our talented friend and second shooter, Ellie!) and wish the happy couple so many years of great adventures. Congratulations Morgan and Jordan!

Hannah + Galen = Married

For those that know Hannah and Galen, we don't have to tell you how wonderful they are. For those that don't, if these photos of their wedding don't attest to the genuine thoughtfulness that went into the celebration of their union, I'm not sure what else would do it. It says a lot when two people enter their marriage barefoot. With a big breath and nervous grin, Hannah entered the space of their ceremony with her father at the same time that Galen and his dear Aunt walked in. Together, gathered with their nearest and dearest, barefoot and with open hearts to declare their commitment to one another, they became husband and wife. I love when couples have humble hearts of surrender as they embark on marriage. It's so real and intentional, and way more beautiful than any wedding flowers, dress or fancy cocktails. That, my friends, is why we do what we do. It's been such a pleasure accompanying you during this exciting time in your lives, Hannah and Galen. Thank you for allowing us into your festive, heartfelt day. Congratulations!

Deb + Tyler = Engaged

The world is a better place when you have duos like Deb and Tyler. Creative, talented, funny and so genuine, these two are the real deal. Deb and Tyler are both well respected Actors in the Twin Cities, and we actually had the privilege of seeing them perform well before they became clients of ours. Even then, we were drawn to their humble approachability and kindness. We've sense gotten to know them a little better and can attest to the great people they are. Our new Midwest Associate shooter Abby will be photographing their wedding later in August, so before the big day the three of them set out to capture some Engagement Photos at a beautiful park in Eagan. We are thrilled with the results and can't wait to share more of their big day in just a few weeks!