Julia + Chris = Married

We loved photographing Julia and Chris' Wedding at The Linden Place in Bristol, Rhode Island. We have a thing for historic New England houses so that alone was enough to have us running around like kids with too much candy, but it was really the spirit of their wedding day that got us. Julia and Chris are both extremely intelligent, creative and well spoken people whom we admire. Their wedding was such a beautiful representation of them as a couple as well as their friends and family coming together as one big happy group.  I started off with Julia and her best ladies at the salon where they all primped and prepped to look even more gorgeous than they already were; while Matt hung with Chris, his guys and the couple's adorable dog, Buster, as they prepped for the ceremony. Something we see more and more of is when brides have a 'First Look' with their fathers after they are all ready and dressed and before he walks her down the aisle. I'm a big fan. Julia and her dad decided to share this moment with just the two of them minutes before the ceremony started and I'm pretty sure it was more emotional than the First Looks we do with bride and grooms. Meanwhile, guests outside waited for their crisp outdoor ceremony to start with warm cups of apple cider. Once the ceremony started Chris' face lit up when he saw Julia for the first time and the two of them only had eyes for each other which made the rest of us swoon in their sweetness. After the ceremony we zipped down to the Bristol waterfront for a few photos of the newlyweds on the docks and on the streets. The evening continued with a warm and cozy reception by a *huge* fire and lots of dancing and desserts. I'm in love with the giant paper flower installation Julia "whipped together in an afternoon" (super bride?) and tried to convince Chris that they need it as their headboard now. The paper flowers and loving, energetic celebration were just two small manifestations of what a great job Julia and Chris did infusing their wedding day with their personalities. What a great day! Julia and Chris, we are so happy for you and have loved working with you. Congratulations!