Vermont Wedding Photographer

Becca + Dan = Married

In the client department, we feel like we are winning. Nothing makes this job more fun than the people we get to work with. It's truly our joy to capture our couple's love stories, and Becca and Dan's Hubbell Homestead Wedding in Vermont is no exception. Chuck has been busy on Summer Street this fall, and he was privileged to capture Becca and Dan's wedding on a perfect September day. Matt and I enjoyed shooting at Hubbell in the past, so it's always fun to see how Chuck will capture the same space. Becca and Dan's wedding did not disappoint, where some of our favorite highlights included family contributions such as the hand made chuppah that Dan's family lovingly crafted with vines over a period of months. Their families also crafted the woodland centerpieces, so there was some serious talent running through their veins. We're obsessed with their sun drenched portraits, and think their newlywed glow is just about as beautiful as Chuck's handiwork behind the camera. Becca and Dan, we are so happy for you guys and know you deserve all the joy in the world. Congratulations!

Favorite Photos from 2012 - Wedding

What an amazing year it's been. Whenever we stop to count our blessings (which we try to make a daily habit of) we are floored by the opportunities we have to work in a medium we love for really good people. Yes, we take thousands of photos at every wedding and spend countless hours ensuring each image is taken care of and presented with the same joy we captured it with - but without you - our clients and supporters - our work is nothing. We'd have no beautiful flower arrangements to ooh and ah at, we'd have no sweet glances to capture when a couple sees one another for the first time on their wedding day, we'd never hear your loved ones toasting to eternal happiness and we'd certainly have a lot fewer friends. The truth is, weddings are filled with emotions and it's a complete honor to be able to bottle those up and give them back to you each and every wedding. After a wedding is over, when we're home and editing photos on a tuesday morning, we're still laughing about the way your Uncle Randy took center stage during 'Gangnam Style', we're still inspired by the hard work you've put into your wedding details and with each and every couple portrait that we edit and refine, our observations of your love reinforces why marriage is such a beautiful thing. We love capturing these moments and giving them back to you as a visual journal of one of the happiest days of your lives. We can't help but feel as though the joy and love of these special days rubs off on us too. It's contagious, and we can only hope 2013 will bring as much hard work, excitement and happiness as 2012. Happy New Year, Friends!

Ashley + Jamie = Married

Ashley and Jamie are beautiful souls. They are gentle, well-spoken, heart-felt and magnificent. Truly.  It has been an extreme honor getting to know them during this time of their lives and we are happy to call them new friends. From the beginning of their wedding planning they wanted a wedding day experience that represented their values and taste as well as an enjoyable weekend getaway for their guests. In fact, I think their day could be categorized as part of the "The Slow Wedding Movement" (you know, as compared to The Slow Food Movement" and yes, I just made that up.) They selected The 1768 Hubbell Homestad in Bennington, Vermont as the backdrop to their big day and choose to have a Quaker Ceremony on a high hill overlooking the mountains where guests are asked to bring their thoughts, text, poems and encouragement to contribute as part of the ceremony. It was beautiful. I cried. Three times in fact. After the ceremony we took full advantage of the stunning grounds at the Homestead to grab some photos of Ashley and Jamie as freshly coined husband and wife. They were beaming in their newlywed glow, which made our job a cinch. The evening continued down at the Homestead under a clear night sky and more happy toasts to the couple. We enjoyed watching *all* of the wedding guests boogie down (especially the 50+ crowd) and drove the 3 hour drive back to Boston with a full heart and smile on our face. Ashley and Jamie, we couldn't be more grateful for you in our lives. Congratulations!!

Sarah + Chris = Married

Sarah and Chris are the type of people everyone loves. They are the true definition of kind-hearted, and their hobbies span a wide range of admirable activities. For example, Chris proposed to Sarah at mile 24 while running the Boston Marathon. Sarah and Chris planned almost their entire wedding this summer while she was researching in India and he was back in Boston. They will be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this spring as their honeymoon. So it came as no surprise when they wanted their wedding to boast the proud Vermont colors of fall and they decided to forgo a traditional DJ for a Contra Dance. Even though it rained for most of their wedding day, it only made the foliage brighter and the mood cozier as the exchanged vows under a picnic shelter. The rain stopped just in time to capture a few vibrant portraits of the two of them – just Sarah and Chris, out in nature, and happy to be married.