New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Kristen + Tim = Married

If there is something most all our clients have in common, it's that they don't take themselves too seriously, which is impressive given that they are equally talented and kind. Kristen and Tim certainly fit this bill, in addition to having such a welcoming presence about them. As you can likely tell from their wedding, these two are so great together and know how to throw a lively party. Chuck ventured up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire where the couple got ready for the day and then bared the chilly temps and mountains of snow for some portraits outside (Kristen knows how to rock a sequined shrug, doesn't she?). They ventured over to The Rivermill at Dover Landing for their ceremony and reception, where their nearest and dearest joined together to toast to the newlyweds. Another job well done by Chuck, and a fantastic start to a beautiful marriage. All in all a good days work. Congratulations Kristen and Tim!

Monica + Stephen = Married

We love this job for so many reasons, but one of the best is the diversity we see in how couples choose to celebrate their big day. Our biggest advice for couples planning their wedding (besides hiring a photographer you love, of course) is to stay true to personalizations throughout the venue and vendor choices. Ultimately, it's a day to kick off your marriage in whatever way you hope, and when couples stay true to this, magic happens. Monica and Stephen nailed this one on the head for their summer camp wedding in New Hampshire. They kept the gathering fun and interesting by hosting the wedding at North Woods Summer Camp and honored their values by selecting strictly vegan accompaniments. The food and attire were all vegan, and they used sustainable and renewable products whenever possible. The results were fantastic, and we're very jealous that Chuck got to capture this one without us. Congratulations to Monica and Stephen, and a job well done (as always) to Chuck!

Jennifer + Dylan = Married

These two. This wedding. If I could have a mini Jen and Dylan to carry around in my pocket all day, I would. That sounds silly, but everyone who knows Jen and Dylan can attest to their ability to make you feel loved, cared for and encouraged. I daresay that these two together are going to make the world a better place. I started the day with Jennifer as she prepared to see Dylan for the first time at her parents home on the Portsmouth waterfront surrounded by her loving family and girlfriends. She was cool as a cucumber, and clearly beaming with excitement for what the day would hold. When she met up with Dylan, his adorable reaction to her bridal beauty literally brought tears of happiness to my eyes. They took me to some of their favorite spots in Portsmouth, where I was in photo heaven with these two stunners in front of the camera and the amazing scenery surrounding them (as evidence to the large number of couple portraits I just couldn't narrow down). Their ceremony was held at a stunning old church, where instead of a unity candle they poured ocean water from their respective coasts into a peach tree that they'll plant at their favorite place to relax. After the ceremony they had popcorn and lemonade for their guests to enjoy on the lawn of the church and then had a "popcorn parade" where all the guests walked over to the stunning Portsmouth Harbor Events Center for an evening of delicious food and dancing. It was a marvelous evening filled with loving toasts and a jam-packed dance floor where Jen and her best friends (and mom and grandma) showed off their dance moved to a Celine Dion song that they may have had an unhealthy relationship with. ;) Congratulations Jen and Dylan. We are so happy for you!

Kerry + Matteo = Married

Doesn't this wedding just make you so happy? Kerry and Matteo are the types of people who bring positivity into the world. Chuck was our lead shooter at this wedding and the moment he left the wedding he texted us to share what amazing people Kerry and Matteo are, and how their connection gave everyone at the wedding the (good) chills. It's clear from the photos how much they love  and deserve one another, but it just makes us so happy to know people like Kerry and Matteo are teaming up for a great life together. Throw in some wood fired pizza, a drizzly backyard farm in New Hampshire and a loving crew of guests and you have yourself a perfect wedding. Congratulations Kerry and Matteo, it's been our pleasure!

Favorite Photos from 2012 - Wedding

What an amazing year it's been. Whenever we stop to count our blessings (which we try to make a daily habit of) we are floored by the opportunities we have to work in a medium we love for really good people. Yes, we take thousands of photos at every wedding and spend countless hours ensuring each image is taken care of and presented with the same joy we captured it with - but without you - our clients and supporters - our work is nothing. We'd have no beautiful flower arrangements to ooh and ah at, we'd have no sweet glances to capture when a couple sees one another for the first time on their wedding day, we'd never hear your loved ones toasting to eternal happiness and we'd certainly have a lot fewer friends. The truth is, weddings are filled with emotions and it's a complete honor to be able to bottle those up and give them back to you each and every wedding. After a wedding is over, when we're home and editing photos on a tuesday morning, we're still laughing about the way your Uncle Randy took center stage during 'Gangnam Style', we're still inspired by the hard work you've put into your wedding details and with each and every couple portrait that we edit and refine, our observations of your love reinforces why marriage is such a beautiful thing. We love capturing these moments and giving them back to you as a visual journal of one of the happiest days of your lives. We can't help but feel as though the joy and love of these special days rubs off on us too. It's contagious, and we can only hope 2013 will bring as much hard work, excitement and happiness as 2012. Happy New Year, Friends!

Beth + Chris = Married

Beth and Chris were married on a beautiful September day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. From the moment we arrived, Beth and Chris were on cloud nine. They were more than ready to get the party started. In many ways, I feel that couples today are committed to one another far before their wedding day happens, but the wedding day is a formalization, public declaration and celebration of that process. Beth and Chris are like that. Head over heels for one another and excited to take the journey of life side by side. What's even better is that for Beth and Chris, life is like a big happy dance party. Their ceremony took place at the beautiful North Church downtown Portsmouth where their friends and family poured out their love which was eminent by the smiles they wore on their faces as Beth and Chris saw one another for the first time at the alter. After the kiss we jumped on the Wedding Trolly with them to Newcastle Commons which boasts stunning views of the ocean and lighthouses. As wedding-day schedules usually go, we were zipping in and out of there faster than you can blink - so Beth and Chris' experience being in front of the camera during their Engagement Session paid off in a major way when it came time for wedding portraits. When we got back to their reception venue their guests were happy to see them and spent the next several hours hugging, laughing and toasting to the newlyweds. Once the band started up the floor was PACKED (overflowing, in fact) and the party was rocking and rolling. Love and a giant dance party - does one need anything else?

Kaitlyn + Ryan = Married

I swear Kaitlyn and Ryan are from another era. Ryan is dapper and gentlemen-like with a kind hearted demeanor and heart of love. Kaitlyn is a darling, lovely person. She beams with love for Ryan and has a soft spot for all things feminine. Everyone who knows them knows how sweet they are together, and that they have the kind of love that surpasses their age in years. You would expect nothing less for their wedding day than this adorable, DIY day filled with family, peaches and lace. They hosted their wedding at Ryan's sister's home in New Hampshire and said 'I Do' at a nearby vineyard down the road. After their joyful ceremony we grabbed a few portraits of them in a field of flowers nearby their reception venue. They had amazing food and the weather was just the right temperature to feel comfortable but remind you that it is summer. Halfway through their reception Kaitlyn had arranged a Good Humor Ice Cream truck to make a surprise appearance, which was a HUGE hit. The evening ended with a peaceful flying lantern send off, which was a magical way to end a perfect day. Congrats you two! We are so happy for you!!

Melissa + Jonathan = Married

Oh are we ever excited to share this wedding with you. Melissa and Jonathan are Graphic Designers living in Brooklyn (talented ones at that, they did our website!) who tied the knot on her father's New Hampshire farm in June. You guys. If the photos above don't give you a little glimpse into just how good their wedding was - well, I don't know what will. Weddings like Melissa and Jonathan's take a *lot* of work and we couldn't have been more thrilled to capture it. Melissa and Jonathan worked for months preparing their graphic design details, wedding design and aesthetic vision into the day which included many DIY projects like painting silverware handles and making hundreds of yards of fabric bunting just to name a few. They brought the incredibly talented Natalie Bowen Designs to create flawless florals for the big day and had Phebe from Making Me Planning and Event Firm on hand to pull the entire event together as the Day-of Coordinator. In addition to all of the beautiful aesthetic, the food from SoLo was literally the best wedding food we've ever had and the exuberant music from Raya Brass Band gave the event a cinematic experience that was filled to the brim with happiness. While all of those things are *more* than enough to make an amazing celebration, it's all for nothing without love; and Melissa and Jonathan had plenty to share. Their love for one another is so grounded yet radiant. Their wedding day was like happiness on steroids! We feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these two and feel lucky to call them new friends. Congratulations you two! Have a blast on your European Honeymoon Adventure!