Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Favorite Photos from 2012 - Wedding

What an amazing year it's been. Whenever we stop to count our blessings (which we try to make a daily habit of) we are floored by the opportunities we have to work in a medium we love for really good people. Yes, we take thousands of photos at every wedding and spend countless hours ensuring each image is taken care of and presented with the same joy we captured it with - but without you - our clients and supporters - our work is nothing. We'd have no beautiful flower arrangements to ooh and ah at, we'd have no sweet glances to capture when a couple sees one another for the first time on their wedding day, we'd never hear your loved ones toasting to eternal happiness and we'd certainly have a lot fewer friends. The truth is, weddings are filled with emotions and it's a complete honor to be able to bottle those up and give them back to you each and every wedding. After a wedding is over, when we're home and editing photos on a tuesday morning, we're still laughing about the way your Uncle Randy took center stage during 'Gangnam Style', we're still inspired by the hard work you've put into your wedding details and with each and every couple portrait that we edit and refine, our observations of your love reinforces why marriage is such a beautiful thing. We love capturing these moments and giving them back to you as a visual journal of one of the happiest days of your lives. We can't help but feel as though the joy and love of these special days rubs off on us too. It's contagious, and we can only hope 2013 will bring as much hard work, excitement and happiness as 2012. Happy New Year, Friends!

Maria + Kyle = Married

When Maria and Kyle asked us to photograph their Green Bay, Wisconsin wedding - we knew it was going to be awesome. Kyle and Matt grew up together so we already knew the kind hearted, goofy and loving teddy bear he was and while we had barely met Maria, we knew that she was going to be a perfect compliment to Kyle's charismatic personality. Down to earth, sweet, and drop dead girl-next-door gorgeous, Maria was everything we had expected and more. They are perfect together. If their relationship could be summed up in one day it may have well been their wedding day. Their loving families contributed their talents in many ways; Maria's brother composed and directed the music for the ceremony, another one of Maria's brothers performed in the ceremony and Kyle sang 'My Maria' by Brooks and Dunn during the reception to his bride. (Melt our hearts!). Every speech and toast drove home what amazing people Kyle and Maria are separately, and how wonderful they are together. All in all it was a happy day, and we're so grateful to have been able to share in it. Congratulations Maria and Kyle!