Connecticut Wedding Photographer

Erica + Alex = Married

You guys. These two are seriously the sweetest ever. Erica and Alex both have hearts of gold and are the types of people who radiate happiness. Just being around them makes you smile, so you can imagine the overwhelming love and joy that poured out of them on their wedding day. Shooting their wedding left a perma-smile on our faces and a heart of gratitude to get to photograph such exceptional love stories as our living. The day started with Erica getting pretty with her ladies and Alex hanging with his guys. The excitement and anticipation was buzzing when we arrived and lasted throughout the evening. They shared an intimate first look under the largest tree in Connecticut (it's over 24 feet in diamater!) which made for some beautiful portraits and then ventured over to a nearby pedestrian bridge of flowers to meet up with their bridal party and family for more portraits. The weather couldn't have been more perfect as they exchanged vows in a vineyard on site of their wedding property, Rosedale Farm and Vineyards. After the kiss, their guests ventured over to a nearby meadow for lawn games, the Summer Street Photobooth and some amazing food (and sweets) in the breezy and whimsically styled tent. Their guests spoiled them with heartfelt toasts and well wishes and they danced the night away under the stars. It was truly a perfect day for such a deserving couple that we were so happy to have the chance of photographing. Congratulations you two! We wish you many years of happiness!

Stephanie + Tyler = Married

 At this point, you've seen all of Stephanie and Tyler's photos and there isn't much more I can add in text that communicates just how incredible their wedding day was. I mean really! Go ahead and start at the top and look through them again. Don't you love the happiness that oozes from their faces? From their friends and families? Stephanie and Tyler are really *good* people. They both have hearts of gold and it leaves us feeling like things are pretty great with the world when two such deserving people have found love and are moving forward in life together.  Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, Connecticut served as the perfect backdrop for their classy nuptials and we loved all the personalized details Stephanie and Tyler added into their wedding to make the venue feel like home for the day. We had a blast working on this wedding and can't imagine two people more deserving of a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations Stephanie and Tyler!

Favorite Photos from 2012 - Wedding

What an amazing year it's been. Whenever we stop to count our blessings (which we try to make a daily habit of) we are floored by the opportunities we have to work in a medium we love for really good people. Yes, we take thousands of photos at every wedding and spend countless hours ensuring each image is taken care of and presented with the same joy we captured it with - but without you - our clients and supporters - our work is nothing. We'd have no beautiful flower arrangements to ooh and ah at, we'd have no sweet glances to capture when a couple sees one another for the first time on their wedding day, we'd never hear your loved ones toasting to eternal happiness and we'd certainly have a lot fewer friends. The truth is, weddings are filled with emotions and it's a complete honor to be able to bottle those up and give them back to you each and every wedding. After a wedding is over, when we're home and editing photos on a tuesday morning, we're still laughing about the way your Uncle Randy took center stage during 'Gangnam Style', we're still inspired by the hard work you've put into your wedding details and with each and every couple portrait that we edit and refine, our observations of your love reinforces why marriage is such a beautiful thing. We love capturing these moments and giving them back to you as a visual journal of one of the happiest days of your lives. We can't help but feel as though the joy and love of these special days rubs off on us too. It's contagious, and we can only hope 2013 will bring as much hard work, excitement and happiness as 2012. Happy New Year, Friends!

Laura + Peter = Married

Laura and Peter are high school sweethearts - and what sweethearts they are! They are some of the kindest, gentlest, sweetest people you will ever meet. We loved photographing their Connecticut wedding at Saint Clements Castle, which they both worked at when they were in high school (isn't that cute?). We started the day off with getting ready photos. Laura and her attendants put the finishing touches on their preparations at a nearby B&B with the most adorable back yard, which we later took advantage of during their portraits. Peter got ready at a nearby hotel and after a few photos with his guys (I think they look really cool in that parking lot photo) he came over to the Inn for their first look and their couple portraits. Their sweet love made our job a breeze as we snapped away in their we're-almost-married excitement. The sky gave us mixed signals with sun showers and big clouds, making an eminent rain storm seem like a tease. Once we got to Saint Clements Castle for their ceremony and reception, the storm clouds had decided they were going to play a role in Laura and Peter' wedding day. A quick shift in outdoor ceremony locations and a prompt start to their ceremony allowed us to dash the rain storm almost completely. Just as the minister said "You may kiss the bride" as if it were choreographed, it started raining down on Laura and Peter. Everyone cheered and hurried their way inside for the cozy cocktail hour and reception.  Their reception was a blur of hugs and laughter and ended with a giant dance party which even Grandma boogied down. All in all, it was a success! Laura and Peter, you're been a joy to work with. We're so happy for you and know you have so much to look forward to together. Congratulations!