South Dakota Wedding Photographer

Noelle + Chris = Married

summerstreetphotography_505 summerstreetphotography_506 summerstreetphotography_507 summerstreetphotography_508 summerstreetphotography_509 summerstreetphotography_510 summerstreetphotography_511 summerstreetphotography_512 summerstreetphotography_513 summerstreetphotography_514 summerstreetphotography_515 summerstreetphotography_516 summerstreetphotography_517 summerstreetphotography_518 summerstreetphotography_519 summerstreetphotography_520 summerstreetphotography_521 summerstreetphotography_522 summerstreetphotography_523 summerstreetphotography_524 summerstreetphotography_525 summerstreetphotography_526 summerstreetphotography_527 summerstreetphotography_528 summerstreetphotography_529 summerstreetphotography_530 summerstreetphotography_531 summerstreetphotography_532 summerstreetphotography_533 summerstreetphotography_534 summerstreetphotography_535 summerstreetphotography_536 summerstreetphotography_537 summerstreetphotography_538 summerstreetphotography_539 summerstreetphotography_540 summerstreetphotography_541 summerstreetphotography_542 summerstreetphotography_543 summerstreetphotography_544 summerstreetphotography_545 summerstreetphotography_546 summerstreetphotography_547 summerstreetphotography_548 summerstreetphotography_549 summerstreetphotography_550 summerstreetphotography_551 summerstreetphotography_552 summerstreetphotography_553 summerstreetphotography_554 summerstreetphotography_555 summerstreetphotography_556 summerstreetphotography_557 summerstreetphotography_558 summerstreetphotography_559 summerstreetphotography_560 summerstreetphotography_561 summerstreetphotography_562 summerstreetphotography_563 summerstreetphotography_564 summerstreetphotography_565 summerstreetphotography_566 summerstreetphotography_567 summerstreetphotography_568 summerstreetphotography_569 summerstreetphotography_570 summerstreetphotography_571 summerstreetphotography_572 summerstreetphotography_573 summerstreetphotography_574 summerstreetphotography_575 summerstreetphotography_576 summerstreetphotography_577 summerstreetphotography_578 summerstreetphotography_579 summerstreetphotography_580 summerstreetphotography_581 summerstreetphotography_582 summerstreetphotography_583 summerstreetphotography_584 summerstreetphotography_585 summerstreetphotography_586 summerstreetphotography_587 summerstreetphotography_588 summerstreetphotography_589 summerstreetphotography_590 summerstreetphotography_591 summerstreetphotography_592 summerstreetphotography_593 summerstreetphotography_594 summerstreetphotography_595 summerstreetphotography_596 summerstreetphotography_597 summerstreetphotography_598 summerstreetphotography_599 summerstreetphotography_600 summerstreetphotography_601 summerstreetphotography_602 summerstreetphotography_603 summerstreetphotography_604 summerstreetphotography_605 summerstreetphotography_606 summerstreetphotography_607 summerstreetphotography_608 summerstreetphotography_609 summerstreetphotography_610 summerstreetphotography_611 summerstreetphotography_612 summerstreetphotography_613 summerstreetphotography_614 summerstreetphotography_615 summerstreetphotography_616 summerstreetphotography_617 summerstreetphotography_618 summerstreetphotography_619 summerstreetphotography_620 summerstreetphotography_621 summerstreetphotography_622 summerstreetphotography_623 summerstreetphotography_624 summerstreetphotography_625 summerstreetphotography_626 summerstreetphotography_627 summerstreetphotography_628 summerstreetphotography_629 summerstreetphotography_630 summerstreetphotography_631 summerstreetphotography_632 summerstreetphotography_633 summerstreetphotography_634 summerstreetphotography_635 summerstreetphotography_636 summerstreetphotography_637 summerstreetphotography_638Noelle and Chris had such a fantastic wedding day. It's always such a treat for me to photograph a wedding in my hometown of Yankton, South Dakota - and their wedding was no exception. The day started at the Historic Cramer Kenyon house where the ladies all got ready together. The house was buzzing with excitement when I arrived and Noelle was cool as a cucumber, handling any day-of nerves like a pro. She opened gifts from Chris which included a stunning necklace and tickets to see Beyoncé live (nice work, Chris) as laughter echoed through the hallways. Having your wedding party get ready at a home or historic place like this makes for such a great mood as the final preparations occur. Chris and his guys made their way to the Cramer Kenyon house in time for the bride and groom to share a private first look. Noelle beams when she's around Chris, and Chris is pretty much always smiling when Noelle is around. The rest of the day went off without a hitch: we went to the Lewis and Clark Lake for some fun bridal party photos, asked Noelle and Chris to trust us as we dragged them to the most random field off the side of the road for couple portraits, their ceremony by the Missouri River was beautiful and heartfelt, and the party was filled with laughter and fun down the road at the historically renovated Old Mill wedding reception space was a good day. The party wouldn't have been complete without the outpouring of love from their family and friends who showed so much support for the newlyweds (the pizza fest for dinner also didn't hurt anything!) Noelle and Chris, we are so happy for you two. Congratulations on such an exciting time in your lives!

Cheryl + Alex = Married

SummerStreetPhotography_022 SummerStreetPhotography_023 SummerStreetPhotography_024 SummerStreetPhotography_025 SummerStreetPhotography_026 SummerStreetPhotography_027 SummerStreetPhotography_028 SummerStreetPhotography_029 SummerStreetPhotography_030 SummerStreetPhotography_031 SummerStreetPhotography_032 SummerStreetPhotography_033 SummerStreetPhotography_034 SummerStreetPhotography_035 SummerStreetPhotography_036 SummerStreetPhotography_037 SummerStreetPhotography_038 SummerStreetPhotography_039 SummerStreetPhotography_040 SummerStreetPhotography_041 SummerStreetPhotography_042 SummerStreetPhotography_043 SummerStreetPhotography_044 SummerStreetPhotography_045 SummerStreetPhotography_046 SummerStreetPhotography_047 SummerStreetPhotography_048 SummerStreetPhotography_049 SummerStreetPhotography_050 SummerStreetPhotography_051 SummerStreetPhotography_052 SummerStreetPhotography_053 SummerStreetPhotography_054 SummerStreetPhotography_055 SummerStreetPhotography_056 SummerStreetPhotography_057 SummerStreetPhotography_058 SummerStreetPhotography_059 SummerStreetPhotography_060 SummerStreetPhotography_061 SummerStreetPhotography_062 SummerStreetPhotography_063 SummerStreetPhotography_064 SummerStreetPhotography_065 SummerStreetPhotography_066 SummerStreetPhotography_067 SummerStreetPhotography_068 SummerStreetPhotography_069 SummerStreetPhotography_070 SummerStreetPhotography_071 SummerStreetPhotography_072 SummerStreetPhotography_073 SummerStreetPhotography_074 SummerStreetPhotography_075 SummerStreetPhotography_076 SummerStreetPhotography_077 SummerStreetPhotography_078 SummerStreetPhotography_079 SummerStreetPhotography_080 SummerStreetPhotography_081 SummerStreetPhotography_082 SummerStreetPhotography_083 SummerStreetPhotography_084 SummerStreetPhotography_085 SummerStreetPhotography_086 SummerStreetPhotography_087 SummerStreetPhotography_088 SummerStreetPhotography_089 SummerStreetPhotography_090 SummerStreetPhotography_091 SummerStreetPhotography_092 SummerStreetPhotography_093 SummerStreetPhotography_094 SummerStreetPhotography_095 SummerStreetPhotography_096 SummerStreetPhotography_097When we started this business we had no idea what would happen. We didn't think we'd eventually be shooting in over a dozen states each year - and we definitely didn't think we'd get to work with other talented photographers and showcase their lovely work for our clients. When Cheryl and Alex (who live in Missouri) contacted us about working with Summer Street for their Wedding in Cheryl's hometown in South Dakota, the stars aligned and our Midwest Associate Abby was able to shoot their wedding. Our new friends from Sioux Falls, Jenny, joined Abby for the day and the results are wonderful. This is not surprising, given Cheryl + Alex's kind hearted demeanors and unique love for one another. Once they added in some beautiful elements to celebrate their day in style, we had ourselves a pretty fantastic day. Cheryl and Alex, we've had such a great time working with you both and we are over the moon for you. You truly deserve one another. Congratulations to the newlyweds, and Cheers to Abby and Jenny for a beautiful set of images!

Brooke + Eric = Married

BrookeEricWedding_001 BrookeEricWedding_002 BrookeEricWedding_003 BrookeEricWedding_004 BrookeEricWedding_005 BrookeEricWedding_006 BrookeEricWedding_007 BrookeEricWedding_008 BrookeEricWedding_009 BrookeEricWedding_010 BrookeEricWedding_011 BrookeEricWedding_012 BrookeEricWedding_013 BrookeEricWedding_014 BrookeEricWedding_015 BrookeEricWedding_016 BrookeEricWedding_017 BrookeEricWedding_018 BrookeEricWedding_019 BrookeEricWedding_020 BrookeEricWedding_021 BrookeEricWedding_022 BrookeEricWedding_023 BrookeEricWedding_024 BrookeEricWedding_025 BrookeEricWedding_026 BrookeEricWedding_027 BrookeEricWedding_028 BrookeEricWedding_029 BrookeEricWedding_030 BrookeEricWedding_031 BrookeEricWedding_032 BrookeEricWedding_033 BrookeEricWedding_034 BrookeEricWedding_035 BrookeEricWedding_036 BrookeEricWedding_037 BrookeEricWedding_038 BrookeEricWedding_039 BrookeEricWedding_040 BrookeEricWedding_041 BrookeEricWedding_042 BrookeEricWedding_043 BrookeEricWedding_044 BrookeEricWedding_045 BrookeEricWedding_046 BrookeEricWedding_047 BrookeEricWedding_048 BrookeEricWedding_049 BrookeEricWedding_050 BrookeEricWedding_051 BrookeEricWedding_052 BrookeEricWedding_053 BrookeEricWedding_054 BrookeEricWedding_055 BrookeEricWedding_056 BrookeEricWedding_057 BrookeEricWedding_058 BrookeEricWedding_059 BrookeEricWedding_060 BrookeEricWedding_061 BrookeEricWedding_062 BrookeEricWedding_063 BrookeEricWedding_064 BrookeEricWedding_065 BrookeEricWedding_066 BrookeEricWedding_067 BrookeEricWedding_068 BrookeEricWedding_069 BrookeEricWedding_070 BrookeEricWedding_071 BrookeEricWedding_072 BrookeEricWedding_073 BrookeEricWedding_074 BrookeEricWedding_075 BrookeEricWedding_076 BrookeEricWedding_077 BrookeEricWedding_078 BrookeEricWedding_079 BrookeEricWedding_080This wedding is special to me for a few reasons. First off, it's the first wedding I've photographed in my hometown of Yankton, South Dakota. When the beautiful bride, Brooke, asked me on her wedding day if I'd ever photographed a wedding in Yankton, I had to think for a moment but realized that no, I hadn't ever shot there before. After five years of doing this full time it was definitely time to break that ice - and Brooke, Eric and their crew certainly did! These two wanted a love filled celebration that allowed their nearest and dearest 400 guests to kick off their marriage with a HECK of a party. One that spanned two states, in fact. You see, Brooke grew up in Yankton and Eric grew up right across the river in Crofton, Nebraska. They got ready in one of the oldest buildings in town - the Dakota Territorial Capital building (once upon a time Yankton was the capital of SD) which sits right on the river and has a beautiful park as its yard which made for some lovely photos before the ceremony. They said 'I do' at Brooke's childhood church and after the ceremony the entire wedding party took a booze cruise around Yankton which was buzzing with energy and music. It was literally a party on wheels. Of course I had to drag them into a corn field for a big wedding party photo after which the celebration continued into Nebraska where they joined their guests at the Crofton Auditorium for the reception. It was a fun-filled day that we were happy to get to share in! Congratulations Brooke and Eric! Thanks for having us!

Leah + Erik = Married

Leah and Erik are a dream team. Compassionate, thoughtful, talented and dare I say jolly (those of you who know Erik understand), we are smitten with this pair. We had the privilege of capturing their Sioux Falls, South Dakota wedding earlier in August and had a fantastic day. You really know that it's been a great wedding when you leave work grinning ear to ear. They got ready at Erik's family home surrounded by their friends and family. They had their first look and a few portraits together at the beautiful Terrace Park (where we could shoot all day long under the willow trees). After some additional portraits with their family and wedding party we headed downtown for their heartfelt ceremony that was filled with happy tears. The celebration continued with the sweetest bubble exit and ride on a horse drawn carriage (midwest style) and a great party at the new Hilton Garden Inn downtown. Leah and Erik, we wish you both years of happiness together! It's been a pleasure. Congratulations!

Hannah + Hunter = Married

Hannah and Hunter are so good together. Creative, genuine and hearts of gold - these two just work. We were honored to be a part of their lovely lovely wedding day in Sioux Falls, SD. After getting ready at home, they snuck away for a first look at Terrace Park downtown Sioux Falls. On the way there, Hannah was telling her personal attendant and me about how she was pretty sure Hunter was going to cry when he saw her because "he's so good like that." Sure enough, Hunter shed a few happy tears when he saw his radiant bride who was just bubbling with excitement that their wedding day had finally come. It was very sweet. They held their ceremony in South Dakota's largest cathedral, Saint Joeseph's where their nearest and dearest came out to witness their vows and first kiss as husband and wife. Afterward the celebration continued downtown Sioux Falls at the Museum of Visual Materials where their parents and friends toasted to their eternal happiness over some tasty BBQ. It was such a good day. Congrats you two!

Megan + Jeff = Married

Megan and Jeff tied the knot a few weeks back in Megan's hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Their wedding was a perfect example of a traditional Wedding done oh so right. From the textually diverse venue, Icon, downtown Sioux Falls to the perfectly pink florals and classic navy bridesmaid dresses, there was so much goodness to capture. The cherry on the top of the sundae, however, was capturing the love Megan and Jeff have for one another. Their presence together feels like they belong to one another. Comfortable, relaxed and safe, they are not only good together but are also lovely individuals in their own right. We had fun visiting Kendra's homeland of South Dakota and brought along some local talent to help second shoot on their day (thanks, Dan!). Megan and Jeff, we are honored to have had the privilege of capturing your Wedding. Congratulations!