Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer

Holly + Barry = Engaged

summerstreetphotography_729summerstreetphotography_730summerstreetphotography_731summerstreetphotography_732 summerstreetphotography_733 summerstreetphotography_734 summerstreetphotography_735 summerstreetphotography_736 summerstreetphotography_737 summerstreetphotography_738 summerstreetphotography_739 summerstreetphotography_740 summerstreetphotography_741 summerstreetphotography_742 summerstreetphotography_743 summerstreetphotography_744 summerstreetphotography_745 summerstreetphotography_746 summerstreetphotography_747 summerstreetphotography_748 summerstreetphotography_749 summerstreetphotography_750 summerstreetphotography_751 summerstreetphotography_753 summerstreetphotography_754 summerstreetphotography_755 summerstreetphotography_756 summerstreetphotography_757If there is one thing we know about our couples, it's that they are always up for an adventure. Getting your photo taken can be a vulnerable experience, so even though most of our couples have a few minutes of feeling nervous about being in front of the camera, after a little while they throw caution to the wind and have fun with it. Holly and Barry are definitely up for anything, and I loved photographing them where they call home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We started at the Diner DTSF where they had their first date. Barry wins some major points for showing up 45 minutes early to get a table for them while Holly finished getting ready. We took advantage of the balmier-than-average January temps for a few photos downtown (the grimiest ally ways make for the best photos, no?) and then jumped over to the Leif Erickson park for some photos with their right hand man, their dog Easton. Holly was prepared with some warm hot chocolate, which Easton loved more than the couple. At the end of the session Holly had an idea for a photo with them *in the snow* and promptly jumped into a pile of fresh snow, and suggested Barry lay down in it. This is when I knew these two were our people. Usually we are the ones suggesting and directing how photos might evolve, but when Holly and Barry took the lead for photos they wanted, I had no choice but to go on *their* adventure, which made for a great time all around. Can't wait for October when they tie the knot in The Middle Of Nowhere, SD.

Leah + Erik = Married

Leah and Erik are a dream team. Compassionate, thoughtful, talented and dare I say jolly (those of you who know Erik understand), we are smitten with this pair. We had the privilege of capturing their Sioux Falls, South Dakota wedding earlier in August and had a fantastic day. You really know that it's been a great wedding when you leave work grinning ear to ear. They got ready at Erik's family home surrounded by their friends and family. They had their first look and a few portraits together at the beautiful Terrace Park (where we could shoot all day long under the willow trees). After some additional portraits with their family and wedding party we headed downtown for their heartfelt ceremony that was filled with happy tears. The celebration continued with the sweetest bubble exit and ride on a horse drawn carriage (midwest style) and a great party at the new Hilton Garden Inn downtown. Leah and Erik, we wish you both years of happiness together! It's been a pleasure. Congratulations!

Hannah + Hunter = Married

Hannah and Hunter are so good together. Creative, genuine and hearts of gold - these two just work. We were honored to be a part of their lovely lovely wedding day in Sioux Falls, SD. After getting ready at home, they snuck away for a first look at Terrace Park downtown Sioux Falls. On the way there, Hannah was telling her personal attendant and me about how she was pretty sure Hunter was going to cry when he saw her because "he's so good like that." Sure enough, Hunter shed a few happy tears when he saw his radiant bride who was just bubbling with excitement that their wedding day had finally come. It was very sweet. They held their ceremony in South Dakota's largest cathedral, Saint Joeseph's where their nearest and dearest came out to witness their vows and first kiss as husband and wife. Afterward the celebration continued downtown Sioux Falls at the Museum of Visual Materials where their parents and friends toasted to their eternal happiness over some tasty BBQ. It was such a good day. Congrats you two!

Megan + Jeff = Married

Megan and Jeff tied the knot a few weeks back in Megan's hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Their wedding was a perfect example of a traditional Wedding done oh so right. From the textually diverse venue, Icon, downtown Sioux Falls to the perfectly pink florals and classic navy bridesmaid dresses, there was so much goodness to capture. The cherry on the top of the sundae, however, was capturing the love Megan and Jeff have for one another. Their presence together feels like they belong to one another. Comfortable, relaxed and safe, they are not only good together but are also lovely individuals in their own right. We had fun visiting Kendra's homeland of South Dakota and brought along some local talent to help second shoot on their day (thanks, Dan!). Megan and Jeff, we are honored to have had the privilege of capturing your Wedding. Congratulations!

Nicole + Jeff = Married

Tears welled from her eyes as she grasped her father's arm. She took a big breath and started walking. Jeff stood, solid and present at the end of the aisle with his eyes locked on her. Nicole glanced at the family and friends who were there lifting her up. There was so much fullness, but also a very obvious missing presence. Nicole's mother, and Jeff's father had both unexpectedly passed away when Nicole and Jeff were teenagers, and their presence was missing like a roaring lull. The day was clearly incomplete without them, and yet, as her eyes met his, and the warmth of their communities poured out in support, their ceremony started with joy and sent the best kind of shivers down my spine. Joy. Fullness. Love. Sunshine. Everything was there. It had been a long time in the making with lots of ups and downs, but there they were - presenting themselves as the imperfect beings we are - ready to become husband and wife. The entire day was filled with moments like those, and after an extremely hot summer in South Dakota, it was as if Nicole's mom and Jeff's dad were anointing their wedding day with the most *perfect* 75 degree wedding day weather anyone could ask for. The entire day went flawlessly, and we were honored to share in Nicole and Jeff's wedding glow. Nicole and Jeff: you have both been through so much. We adore you and love the way you light up when you are together. We wish you nothing but the best in your new life together and know that together; you can face any storm that may come your way. We love you!