Nicole + Jeff = Married

Tears welled from her eyes as she grasped her father's arm. She took a big breath and started walking. Jeff stood, solid and present at the end of the aisle with his eyes locked on her. Nicole glanced at the family and friends who were there lifting her up. There was so much fullness, but also a very obvious missing presence. Nicole's mother, and Jeff's father had both unexpectedly passed away when Nicole and Jeff were teenagers, and their presence was missing like a roaring lull. The day was clearly incomplete without them, and yet, as her eyes met his, and the warmth of their communities poured out in support, their ceremony started with joy and sent the best kind of shivers down my spine. Joy. Fullness. Love. Sunshine. Everything was there. It had been a long time in the making with lots of ups and downs, but there they were - presenting themselves as the imperfect beings we are - ready to become husband and wife. The entire day was filled with moments like those, and after an extremely hot summer in South Dakota, it was as if Nicole's mom and Jeff's dad were anointing their wedding day with the most *perfect* 75 degree wedding day weather anyone could ask for. The entire day went flawlessly, and we were honored to share in Nicole and Jeff's wedding glow. Nicole and Jeff: you have both been through so much. We adore you and love the way you light up when you are together. We wish you nothing but the best in your new life together and know that together; you can face any storm that may come your way. We love you!