Beth + Chris = Married

Beth and Chris were married on a beautiful September day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. From the moment we arrived, Beth and Chris were on cloud nine. They were more than ready to get the party started. In many ways, I feel that couples today are committed to one another far before their wedding day happens, but the wedding day is a formalization, public declaration and celebration of that process. Beth and Chris are like that. Head over heels for one another and excited to take the journey of life side by side. What's even better is that for Beth and Chris, life is like a big happy dance party. Their ceremony took place at the beautiful North Church downtown Portsmouth where their friends and family poured out their love which was eminent by the smiles they wore on their faces as Beth and Chris saw one another for the first time at the alter. After the kiss we jumped on the Wedding Trolly with them to Newcastle Commons which boasts stunning views of the ocean and lighthouses. As wedding-day schedules usually go, we were zipping in and out of there faster than you can blink - so Beth and Chris' experience being in front of the camera during their Engagement Session paid off in a major way when it came time for wedding portraits. When we got back to their reception venue their guests were happy to see them and spent the next several hours hugging, laughing and toasting to the newlyweds. Once the band started up the floor was PACKED (overflowing, in fact) and the party was rocking and rolling. Love and a giant dance party - does one need anything else?