Falmouth Wedding Photographer

Erin + Andrew = Married

Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves. Every day, we feel so incredibly grateful for the people we get to photograph. Erin and Andrew are no exception. Genuine, compassionate and full of love for life and one another, they are the real deal. When we first started shooting weddings, we'd get excited about the beautiful surroundings and magical qualities weddings brought out as special events. We still love a good party - but we become desensitized to stunning florals, perfect lace and bubbly cocktails when we are surrounded by the glitz and glamour of weddings every weekend. You know what doesn't get old, though? Love. Real, honest, raw love. It's the core of why we do what we do. The inspiration behind every shutter click and group photo. Sure, wedding blogs and magazines are beautiful (and I am taken by the latest wedding trends every week) but when we get to witness two people surrendering themselves for better or for worse to be a new family and surrender themselves for another person -  it's truly touching. Erin and Andrew's wedding was full of this kind of contagious love. From the way Andrew held Erin - to the way Erin's eyes filled with tears of joy throughout their wedding day - it was a truly beautiful day. Erin and Andrew, it's been a true pleasure working with you both and we couldn't be happier that you have found one another. We know the world will be a better place because you are a team. Congratulations!