Lauren + Neil = Married

Lauren and Neil were married on a Sunday. We love Sunday weddings because they are like big family reunions. People eat slower and talk more. They hug abundantly and laugh with gusto. We loved watching the way their guests cheered them on as they celebrated their first day as a married couple. They held their wedding ceremony and reception at the Crystal Lake Golf Club in Mapleville, RI - and it was an ideal venue. They had a ceremony in a tucked away wooded area and took a boat back to the reception site. Some people have getaway cars...Lauren and Neil had a getaway boat! After a few portraits with their beloved Dog, Morgan - they had a lovely reception with some of the cutest centerpieces and probably our favorite cake of the season. Lauren and Neil, it was such a pleasure capturing your day - we wish you many years of happiness together with Morgan and Batman (and maybe even some human babies too!) !