Kristen + Matthew = Married

This wedding makes us so happy. We often get asked what our number one piece of wedding planning advice would be, and time after time, we always say that if you as a couple can find ways to incorporate yourselves, your background and your future into your wedding day that it will be a truly unique, enjoyable and memorable event for yourselves and your guests. Kristen and Matthew nailed this one on the head. We LOVED photographing their big day and watching them celebrate their commitment with their nearest and dearest. The day started off with an intimate ceremony on the beach in their neighborhood and was followed by a relaxing and beautiful lunch at the Trafford Restaurant in Warren, RI. The space was so airy and calm, so with the addition of a nice mix of loving family and friends (and some incredible food) the atmosphere was just perfect. After the lunch reception more family and friends joined them at their house for a backyard gathering celebrating the newlyweds. Kristen had arranged a sweet surprise for her Matthew when Rhode Island's famous Del's Lemonade truck made an appearance during the reception. Kids and adults alike enjoyed iced lemonade with their lawn games and conversation. It was a truly enjoyable day for all that we were honored to get to capture. Kristen and Matthew, you both have been such a pleasure to work with. We wish you all the joy and happiness in the world. Congratulations!