Minnesota Engagement Photography

Lisa + Alessandro = Engaged

It's always fun to photograph a couple a few days before they are going to say 'I do'. Lisa and Alessandro were days away from their private elopement ceremony when we had the opportunity to get them in front of the camera. Beside the fact that their wardrobe choices are an A+ in our books - it's clear that they are over the moon for one another which makes their photos so sweet to us. Alessandro is Italian by blood but is in the process of converting to a Minnesotan for work, and clearly for love. Lisa and Alessandro, we wish you many happy years together. Congratulations!

Nicole + Jeff = Engaged

We couldn't think of a better set of photos to show you on Valentine's Day than Nicole and Jeff's Engagement Session in Minneapolis. We met up with them in early January at the Walker Art Center's Greenhouses and Sculpture Gardens to take advantage of the mecca of green in the middle of the winter, as well as the blanket of white that had freshly fallen the night before.  It was bitterly cold (I believe it was -15F with windchill) but we bundled up while Nicole and Jeff put on their toughest Midwestern skin and bared a few shots without coats in the cold. Nicole and I grew up dancing together so we've known each other since we were tots (and yes, she has always been one of those tiny tiny tiny people. Which in turn makes me want to put her in a tea cup). When Nicole and Jeff met in high school, their paths crossed in an unexpected yet beautiful way. They have already weathered  many storms together and I have no doubt their lives together as a married couple will be filled with joy. We are looking forward to their August wedding in South Dakota which will certainly be a day filled with tears and laughter.