Stephanie + Peter = Married

Every so often, there are people who come into our lives that change you for the better. Both Stephanie and Peter were these people for Matt and I long before they even met one another. Their friendship and devotion holds a very special place in our hearts, so you can imagine our delight when the two of them connected and fell in love over five years ago (perhaps we nudged them along towards courtship....). We have the honor of telling so many special couple's love stories, but for Stephanie and Peter, their story runs so much deeper in our hearts than most of our couples. They are truly some of our best friends, so when they asked us to tell their wedding story through photos, we were ecstatic but also knew we were in for the best kind of artistic challenge. Having some sort of outside eye is always a positive, so we asked fellow photographer friend David Lai who is based out of Chicago to join Summer Street for the day so that we could also be present to them as friends (as well as photographers). Fortunately the decision to have David join our team early on came as a perfect arrangement when we learned that we were expecting our first child just weeks before Stephanie and Peter's wedding and that I would not be able to fly to Minnesota to attend or photograph the day. The four of us shared a deep disappointment for this news, but as life goes, we kept moving along with the plans and preparations to support their wedding in every way we could. Being the rockstars that they are, Stephanie and Peter had no problems crafting a truly one-of-a-kind wedding that was quintessentially 'them'. A celebration of love, art, family and sustainable living - their wedding turned out to be everything they had hoped and more. We are in love with the magical qualities their images portray and know that the sparkle in their eyes is just the beginning of the deep and grounded love they share. Our dearest Stephanie and Peter, we love you so much and are so happy to share this exciting time with you. Congratulations!