Saint Paul Wedding Photography

2016 - A Year in Review

2016 - A Year in Review


Kelsey + Rhys = Married

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Jaime + Ben = Married

Jaime and Ben threw the most charming wedding a few weeks back in Saint Paul. Matt and Abby were there to capture it all, and the results are just so great. We love love love when our couples infuse themselves into their wedding celebration, which Jaime and Ben did with care. It's also very promising when you take two people as genuine, lovely and talented (did we mention Jaime is a florist back home in California and whipped together her wedding flowers?) as this pair and stem out a celebration as unique as they are. We've never seen such a well-executed 'autumnal' wedding so appropriately crafted for the middle of October. From the color palate of rich greens and deep plums to the textures of the farmhouse tables and soft glow of candlelight, it was all just so cozy and savory. Beside all the fantastic sensory details, what we really appreciated about this wedding was how much love was buzzing around during the reception. It's clear that these two are deserving of a long and prosperous marriage, and we couldn't be happier for them. Congratulations Jaime and Ben!

Krystal + Patrick = Married

Krystal and Patrick were married on a beautiful September day in the state capitol of Minnesota (ten points if you're not from MN and know what city that is!) at the James J Hill Library downtown Saint Paul. These two, who currently call Chicago home, were set on hosting a classy yet laid back wedding that their friends and family could celebrate together after their long courtship leading up to their wedding. Our Midwest Associate Photographer Abby was there to capture all the action and clearly had a great time working with Krystal and Patrick and their kind crew of friends and family. We are so happy for you, Krystal and Patrick, and we wish you nothing but the best in your new adventure; marriage! Congratulations!