Minnesota Family Photographer

The E Family

summerstreetphotography_437 summerstreetphotography_438 summerstreetphotography_439 summerstreetphotography_440 summerstreetphotography_441 summerstreetphotography_442 summerstreetphotography_443 summerstreetphotography_444 summerstreetphotography_445 summerstreetphotography_446 summerstreetphotography_447 summerstreetphotography_448 summerstreetphotography_449 summerstreetphotography_450 summerstreetphotography_451 summerstreetphotography_452 summerstreetphotography_453 summerstreetphotography_454 summerstreetphotography_455 summerstreetphotography_456 summerstreetphotography_457 summerstreetphotography_458 summerstreetphotography_459 summerstreetphotography_460 summerstreetphotography_461 summerstreetphotography_462 summerstreetphotography_463 summerstreetphotography_464 summerstreetphotography_465 summerstreetphotography_466 summerstreetphotography_467We're in love with this breezy set of family photos and the people who shine in them even more. If you've been following our work for awhile (and we're talking - say - for the last five years or so?) Maggie and Louis have been no strangers to our cameras. From their Engagement and Wedding to the births of their first and second children, we've had the honor of documenting them through some of the biggest milestones a family can experience. We met up with them at Afton State Park in Afton, Minnesota a few weeks back for some updated family photos and a picnic dinner complete with popcorn to appease the toddlers. It's always a beautiful thing when work feels like fun and when your mom asks what you did over the weekend and you say you had a picnic with Maggie and Louis' crew (oh and we took some photos, also). It's always fun with these four, and we're excited to watch them grow into a thriving, radiant bunch.

The E Family

summerstreetphotography_924 summerstreetphotography_925 summerstreetphotography_926 summerstreetphotography_927 summerstreetphotography_928 summerstreetphotography_929 summerstreetphotography_930 summerstreetphotography_931 summerstreetphotography_932 summerstreetphotography_933 summerstreetphotography_934 summerstreetphotography_935 summerstreetphotography_936 summerstreetphotography_937 summerstreetphotography_938 summerstreetphotography_939 summerstreetphotography_940 summerstreetphotography_941 summerstreetphotography_942It seems like just yesterday we were photographing Maggie and Louis' Wedding in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Fast forward a few years, a cross country move and two babies later - this family has grown in size and love. It's not often we get to document personal friends of ours, but when it happens it's incredibly special. We enjoy every interaction with Maggie and Louis. They are thoughtful, smart and fun folks to be with. Their kids are lucky to have such strong role models in life! They welcomed their daughter in October and when they invited us to come take photos of their new family of four, we were honored. Big brother R seems to be settling into his role with such grace, and little C is just a bundle of sweetness. Maggie and Louis, we are lucky to call you friends. Thank you for allowing us to photograph your family!

Happy Birthday Baby P

summerstreetphotography_734 summerstreetphotography_735 summerstreetphotography_736 summerstreetphotography_737 summerstreetphotography_738 summerstreetphotography_739 summerstreetphotography_740 summerstreetphotography_741 summerstreetphotography_742 summerstreetphotography_743 summerstreetphotography_744 summerstreetphotography_745 summerstreetphotography_746 summerstreetphotography_747 summerstreetphotography_748 summerstreetphotography_749 summerstreetphotography_750 summerstreetphotography_751 summerstreetphotography_752 summerstreetphotography_753 summerstreetphotography_754 summerstreetphotography_755 summerstreetphotography_756 summerstreetphotography_757 summerstreetphotography_758 summerstreetphotography_759 summerstreetphotography_760 summerstreetphotography_761 summerstreetphotography_762 summerstreetphotography_763 summerstreetphotography_764 summerstreetphotography_765 summerstreetphotography_766 summerstreetphotography_767 summerstreetphotography_768 summerstreetphotography_769 summerstreetphotography_770 summerstreetphotography_771 summerstreetphotography_772 summerstreetphotography_773 summerstreetphotography_774 summerstreetphotography_775 summerstreetphotography_776 summerstreetphotography_777If you're anything like me, you've gone through these photos at *least* 5 times to soak up the sweetness that Ashley and Adam's family boasts. I mean come on! Have you seen a more beautiful group? It's been such an honor photographing this family the past year. They decided to do a 'Grow with Me' collection with Summer Street, which means I've gotten to photograph their Maternity Session, Newborn Session, 6 month photos and now sweet baby P's 1st birthday. Now that these sessions are complete, we'll work with Adam and Ashley to put the highlights from each of these session into an heirloom album for them to look back on and enjoy over time. Baby P is turning into the most darling, smart little sweet heart. Ashley and I have grown very close over the past year, so it's always a special honor to photograph friends' lives as well. Adam and Ashley, thank you for allowing me to capture such a special time in your lives!

The M*L Family

We won't judge if you decide to look at this session again. And again. And again. We get the warm fuzzies when we look through these photos because it's almost as if the love this family shares oozes out of each image. When Kerry and Gordon asked us to capture some family photos in their backyard, with no agenda but to capture them at this moment in time, we were all in. Kerry and Gordon are raising their two girls with grace and heart. It's clear that they are doing a fantastic job by the joy that radiates from not only their faces, but their girls who only know love. Thanks for allowing us into your lives during this time that is filled to the brim! Now excuse us while we go look at this post again.

The J*S Family

There are so many reasons we love this work. The most important, however, is family documentation. As an example: my parents are moving out of my childhood home and passed along a few totes of childhood memories and memorabilia. Not wanting to house boxes and boxes of un sentimental belongings, I did what any responsible home owner does and went through it all to make sure I was keeping the good stuff. Little did I realize how emotionally difficult it was when I got to the 5 gallon tub of photos. These photos are SO precious to me, and capture times in my childhood that seem like just yesterday, but when I look at how young I was, or how much my family has changed since these images, they are a reminder of how quickly time passes and how important it is to cherish each day. That's how we approach our work on Summer Street. Sure, we can take pretty pictures, but it's who is IN THEM that makes them so special as time goes on. Documenting growing families is such an honor, so when Nora and Ryan asked us to capture some images of their sweet family, we were all in. Nora and Ryan are sensitive, warm and have huge hearts. It's no surprise that they are fantastic parents to their little ones (who were also SO easy to photograph...just look at them!). Thank you for allowing us into your lives to capture this special time. We hope when your kids are grown and you give them their tubs of memories that they stop in their tracks and call to say how much they love you when they see these photos.

The S Family

Oh my heart. These people. This session. We've known Dannell and Peter since 2008 when they led a team of musicians and dancers on a mission trip to Trinidad and Tobago. I was honored to join them dancing in Trinidad, and have enjoyed keeping in touch with them ever since. Fast forward a few years, life has brought them two beautiful boys. Their oldest child has severe brain damage and developmental delays, and his life is truly a celebrated miracle. Their youngest is about as energetic as any 2 year old boy is, and a whole lot of fun. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this family knows just how true this is. Between a team of specialists, doctors, friends and family, they know the benefits of leaning in and being supported by their community. It was fitting then, to have the boys' Grandmother and Aunt join in on this special family session. It was an honor being able to document these fleeting moments, and I hope your family treasures these images for a long time! Hugs and love, S Family. You are such a blessing to so many!