The E Family

summerstreetphotography_437 summerstreetphotography_438 summerstreetphotography_439 summerstreetphotography_440 summerstreetphotography_441 summerstreetphotography_442 summerstreetphotography_443 summerstreetphotography_444 summerstreetphotography_445 summerstreetphotography_446 summerstreetphotography_447 summerstreetphotography_448 summerstreetphotography_449 summerstreetphotography_450 summerstreetphotography_451 summerstreetphotography_452 summerstreetphotography_453 summerstreetphotography_454 summerstreetphotography_455 summerstreetphotography_456 summerstreetphotography_457 summerstreetphotography_458 summerstreetphotography_459 summerstreetphotography_460 summerstreetphotography_461 summerstreetphotography_462 summerstreetphotography_463 summerstreetphotography_464 summerstreetphotography_465 summerstreetphotography_466 summerstreetphotography_467We're in love with this breezy set of family photos and the people who shine in them even more. If you've been following our work for awhile (and we're talking - say - for the last five years or so?) Maggie and Louis have been no strangers to our cameras. From their Engagement and Wedding to the births of their first and second children, we've had the honor of documenting them through some of the biggest milestones a family can experience. We met up with them at Afton State Park in Afton, Minnesota a few weeks back for some updated family photos and a picnic dinner complete with popcorn to appease the toddlers. It's always a beautiful thing when work feels like fun and when your mom asks what you did over the weekend and you say you had a picnic with Maggie and Louis' crew (oh and we took some photos, also). It's always fun with these four, and we're excited to watch them grow into a thriving, radiant bunch.