The E Family

summerstreetphotography_924 summerstreetphotography_925 summerstreetphotography_926 summerstreetphotography_927 summerstreetphotography_928 summerstreetphotography_929 summerstreetphotography_930 summerstreetphotography_931 summerstreetphotography_932 summerstreetphotography_933 summerstreetphotography_934 summerstreetphotography_935 summerstreetphotography_936 summerstreetphotography_937 summerstreetphotography_938 summerstreetphotography_939 summerstreetphotography_940 summerstreetphotography_941 summerstreetphotography_942It seems like just yesterday we were photographing Maggie and Louis' Wedding in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Fast forward a few years, a cross country move and two babies later - this family has grown in size and love. It's not often we get to document personal friends of ours, but when it happens it's incredibly special. We enjoy every interaction with Maggie and Louis. They are thoughtful, smart and fun folks to be with. Their kids are lucky to have such strong role models in life! They welcomed their daughter in October and when they invited us to come take photos of their new family of four, we were honored. Big brother R seems to be settling into his role with such grace, and little C is just a bundle of sweetness. Maggie and Louis, we are lucky to call you friends. Thank you for allowing us to photograph your family!