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2018 In Review

2018 In Review

2018 was an amazing year…

Baby F - Half Birthday

summerstreetphotography_468 summerstreetphotography_469 summerstreetphotography_470 summerstreetphotography_471 summerstreetphotography_472 summerstreetphotography_473 summerstreetphotography_474 summerstreetphotography_475 summerstreetphotography_476 summerstreetphotography_477 summerstreetphotography_478 summerstreetphotography_479 summerstreetphotography_480 summerstreetphotography_481 summerstreetphotography_482 summerstreetphotography_483 summerstreetphotography_484 summerstreetphotography_485 summerstreetphotography_486 summerstreetphotography_487 summerstreetphotography_488 summerstreetphotography_489 summerstreetphotography_490 summerstreetphotography_491 summerstreetphotography_492 summerstreetphotography_493 summerstreetphotography_494 summerstreetphotography_495 summerstreetphotography_496This sweet family melts our heart. We've had the privilege of getting to know Dani and Carl through their Maternity session, Newborn Photos and now 6 Month photos for their son, F. Little F is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy that makes you want a dozen more kids. The joy he brings to this family is unsurpassable, and Dani and Carl are naturals. We met up in our studio in Lowertown to get some updated shots of their family, and then braved the brisk but sunny outdoors for a few shots outside. Little F didn't complain a bit about the cold, and instead bopped around and was happy to have the extra snuggles from Mom and Dad. We'll get to photograph this darling family again come November for F's first birthday, but in the meanwhile, enjoy the sweetness!

Stephanie + Baby M

summerstreetphotography_412 summerstreetphotography_413 summerstreetphotography_414 summerstreetphotography_415 summerstreetphotography_416 summerstreetphotography_417 summerstreetphotography_418 summerstreetphotography_419 summerstreetphotography_420 summerstreetphotography_421 summerstreetphotography_422 summerstreetphotography_423 summerstreetphotography_424 summerstreetphotography_425 summerstreetphotography_426 summerstreetphotography_427 summerstreetphotography_428 summerstreetphotography_429 summerstreetphotography_430 summerstreetphotography_431 summerstreetphotography_432 summerstreetphotography_433 summerstreetphotography_434 summerstreetphotography_435 summerstreetphotography_436It's such a joy to watch your friends become mothers. My dear friend Stephanie has been in my life for over ten years - from the dancing days in college to rendezvous in Paris, weddings, dinner parties and everything in between - there has been no greater time than the last seven months as we've shared in Motherhood together. Stephanie and her little sweet pea M came into the studio around Mothers day for some portraits of just the two of them and it was such a treat to capture their special connection. Little M was full of giggles and coos and it's clear from the photos that Steph glows when she sees her daughter. She's such a wonderful Mama. I couldn't resist sharing some of the images from our time in the studio together, and hope you love them too.

The B Family

summerstreetphotography_248 summerstreetphotography_249 summerstreetphotography_250 summerstreetphotography_251 summerstreetphotography_252 summerstreetphotography_253 summerstreetphotography_254 summerstreetphotography_255 summerstreetphotography_256 summerstreetphotography_257 summerstreetphotography_258 summerstreetphotography_259 summerstreetphotography_260 summerstreetphotography_261 summerstreetphotography_262 summerstreetphotography_263 summerstreetphotography_264 summerstreetphotography_265 summerstreetphotography_266 summerstreetphotography_267 summerstreetphotography_268 summerstreetphotography_269 summerstreetphotography_270 summerstreetphotography_271 summerstreetphotography_272 summerstreetphotography_273We may be biased, but we have to believe the best Holiday gift a family can give is documenting a photo session for their family archives. Even in the corse of one year, children grow and change so rapidly, it's a treat to look back at the photos when your children were one, two, three, an so on. The B family invited us into their home to get some photos of their sweet family of three and it was such a treat spending time with them. Little E pretty much stole the show with her curious and playful spirit and sparkle in her eyes. It was clear that Ellie and Matt are such loving and grounded parents to her. We love this little session and hope you do too!

The S Family

summerstreetphotography_134 summerstreetphotography_135 summerstreetphotography_136 summerstreetphotography_137 summerstreetphotography_138 summerstreetphotography_139 summerstreetphotography_140 summerstreetphotography_141 summerstreetphotography_142 summerstreetphotography_143 summerstreetphotography_144 summerstreetphotography_145 summerstreetphotography_146 summerstreetphotography_147 summerstreetphotography_148 summerstreetphotography_149 summerstreetphotography_150It's hard to put into words how special this family is. I definitely get writers block because of all the wonderful things I could share with you about them. Since my time is brief, you should know this: The S Family are one of the most genuine, gracious and loving group people you will ever meet, and boy does it show in images! They have inspired so many to live more intentional lives and are actively changing the face of palliative care in the Midwest (and I'm convinced, soon to be our entire country). You can read and support more about this family on Dannell's beautiful blog here. It was my pleasure to photograph their family as they grow and blossom into the little people their boys are becoming, and the wisdom they are gaining in this parenting gig. Dannell and Peter, your love is infectious and your boys are incredibly blessed to have you. We're lucky to call you friends and clients.

The B*G Family

summerstreetphotography_673 summerstreetphotography_674 summerstreetphotography_675 summerstreetphotography_676 summerstreetphotography_677 summerstreetphotography_678 summerstreetphotography_679 summerstreetphotography_680 summerstreetphotography_681 summerstreetphotography_682 summerstreetphotography_683 summerstreetphotography_684 summerstreetphotography_685 summerstreetphotography_686 summerstreetphotography_687 summerstreetphotography_688 summerstreetphotography_689 summerstreetphotography_690 summerstreetphotography_691 summerstreetphotography_692 summerstreetphotography_693 summerstreetphotography_694 summerstreetphotography_695 summerstreetphotography_696 summerstreetphotography_697We love this job for so many reasons. The biggest being that we are given the honor of coming into people's lives during such emotional and vulnerable moments. Falling in love, getting engaged, getting married, having a baby and watching your family grow and change - these are the exciting years of life and it's with a full heart that we get to celebrate these times with our clients. When Maggie and Nick invited me to capture some photos of their sweet family on their little boy's first birthday I was so excited to document this stage for these three. Making it through the first year of your first child's life is a major accomplishment (those of you who have been there totally understand) and these two are doing life and parenting with such grace and ease. Their family radiates love and I hope the photos speak that to you today. Thank you for letting me into your beautiful lives, Maggie and Nick! Little G is irresistible!

The L Family

We can't tell you what a privilege it is to watch our couples grow into beautiful families. Nicole and Jeff have been long time Summer Street supporters, starting back to their dating relationship and commissioning us to photograph them as a couple. Fast forward a few years and we're shooting their Engagement Session and Wedding. Now they've welcomed two beautiful boys into their family and asked us to capture some photos of this special time in their lives. We love the challenge of shooting indoors, and with a newborn in cold months there really isn't a better option than shooting in the studio if a family wants something a little more formal than their own home. At just 18 months apart, these two boys are going to grow up as the best of friends. It's obvious already that big brother is doing a great job, and sweet little brother will have a strong role model to look up to. We couldn't resist taking a few images of the newest member of this clan who was the perfect subject with his clear blue eyes locking right into the camera. Nicole and Jeff, we are thrilled for you during this exciting and exhausting time. Our hearts are full of love for you four and we are honored to capture your family as it continues to grow!

Baby P - Half Birthday

Is there anything sweeter than a six month old baby? If this thought had never crossed your mind until today, I'm convinced you are now persuaded after seeing baby P in her half-year old glory. I MEAN COME ON! She is just *waiting* for her debut as a Baby Gap model, isn't she? It's so rewarding working with families throughout the first year of their child's life. We started this journey last summer with Ashely and Adam's Expecting Session, then we met darling baby P in August, and now we are 6 months later. You'll see this family again when their sweet pea turns one, and then we'll create an heirloom album with all four of these photo sessions in them. I can't wait to hold that album in my hands and hand it over to these proud parents. If one thing is certain, time is the enemy of change, and babies are the number one proof of this. Kids grow and change so quickly - the first year especially - so this is such a treasure to share. We'll see these three on the blog in a short few months!