The L Family

We can't tell you what a privilege it is to watch our couples grow into beautiful families. Nicole and Jeff have been long time Summer Street supporters, starting back to their dating relationship and commissioning us to photograph them as a couple. Fast forward a few years and we're shooting their Engagement Session and Wedding. Now they've welcomed two beautiful boys into their family and asked us to capture some photos of this special time in their lives. We love the challenge of shooting indoors, and with a newborn in cold months there really isn't a better option than shooting in the studio if a family wants something a little more formal than their own home. At just 18 months apart, these two boys are going to grow up as the best of friends. It's obvious already that big brother is doing a great job, and sweet little brother will have a strong role model to look up to. We couldn't resist taking a few images of the newest member of this clan who was the perfect subject with his clear blue eyes locking right into the camera. Nicole and Jeff, we are thrilled for you during this exciting and exhausting time. Our hearts are full of love for you four and we are honored to capture your family as it continues to grow!