The B*G Family

summerstreetphotography_673 summerstreetphotography_674 summerstreetphotography_675 summerstreetphotography_676 summerstreetphotography_677 summerstreetphotography_678 summerstreetphotography_679 summerstreetphotography_680 summerstreetphotography_681 summerstreetphotography_682 summerstreetphotography_683 summerstreetphotography_684 summerstreetphotography_685 summerstreetphotography_686 summerstreetphotography_687 summerstreetphotography_688 summerstreetphotography_689 summerstreetphotography_690 summerstreetphotography_691 summerstreetphotography_692 summerstreetphotography_693 summerstreetphotography_694 summerstreetphotography_695 summerstreetphotography_696 summerstreetphotography_697We love this job for so many reasons. The biggest being that we are given the honor of coming into people's lives during such emotional and vulnerable moments. Falling in love, getting engaged, getting married, having a baby and watching your family grow and change - these are the exciting years of life and it's with a full heart that we get to celebrate these times with our clients. When Maggie and Nick invited me to capture some photos of their sweet family on their little boy's first birthday I was so excited to document this stage for these three. Making it through the first year of your first child's life is a major accomplishment (those of you who have been there totally understand) and these two are doing life and parenting with such grace and ease. Their family radiates love and I hope the photos speak that to you today. Thank you for letting me into your beautiful lives, Maggie and Nick! Little G is irresistible!