Minneapolis Family Photo Session

The S Family

When someone asks us what we do for a living, we usually say, "We're Photogrpahers." What follows is usually in tune with, "Cool! What kind?" and we usually say, "We photograph love. Weddings, couples, babies, families....the good stuff". It's a true honor to capture love. Some people are called to be funeral directors or politicians or plumbers or doctors or tax accountants, all of which are incredibly important. But spending your working time surrounded by love? We are overwhelmed with gratitude for this. When the S family asked us to capture some photos of their life together, we were immediately on board. There is something magical about the everyday. The traditional family portrait that sits above the mantel with all parties clad in white shirts and khaki pants is important, don't get us wrong, but there is something about capturing a living, breathing family doing their thing that speaks to us. The S family has plenty of love to go around, and it was so easy capturing their love together.