2018 In Review

It’s been such an incredible pleasure this year to work for the amazing people you just witnessed. So many monumental life changes and emotions. Year after year, we are constantly humbled by the trust enabled to us to attempt to capture the love that is shared among weddings, engagements, pregnancies, births, newborn babies, growing families, headshots for new careers and seniors in high school that are about to embark on their adulthood.

Sometimes when strangers ask us what we do for a living, and we share that we are photographers, they inevitably ask what kind of photography we do. Our short answer is that we photograph people (not food, or commercials or real estate etc.). The reason we keep coming back to photographing people are the emotions and complex stories we carry as individuals, as family histories and as a hope for the future generations of what is to come. This work is so much more than being a “wedding photographer” or a “family photographer” - this work is about capturing LIFE…and all of the crazy, beautiful, difficult, delightful, quiet, still and chaotic parts of it.

The human spirit is endlessly inspiring, and it’s our hope that we stay true to this at every photoshoot we enter into, regardless of how difficult the lighting might be, or how beautiful the wedding decor is. For us it’s about taking a moment to pause….to draw out the beauty of life in a still image, and hopefully for our clients to come back to these images when their marriage gets challenging or their children are grown and remember their why.

2018 took us to 8 states and abroad to France. It’s been an incredible year of travel with immense beauty and beautiful love stories. It leaves us inspired, grateful and certainly a little tired. 2019 - we can’t wait to see what you bring.