The J*S Family

There are so many reasons we love this work. The most important, however, is family documentation. As an example: my parents are moving out of my childhood home and passed along a few totes of childhood memories and memorabilia. Not wanting to house boxes and boxes of un sentimental belongings, I did what any responsible home owner does and went through it all to make sure I was keeping the good stuff. Little did I realize how emotionally difficult it was when I got to the 5 gallon tub of photos. These photos are SO precious to me, and capture times in my childhood that seem like just yesterday, but when I look at how young I was, or how much my family has changed since these images, they are a reminder of how quickly time passes and how important it is to cherish each day. That's how we approach our work on Summer Street. Sure, we can take pretty pictures, but it's who is IN THEM that makes them so special as time goes on. Documenting growing families is such an honor, so when Nora and Ryan asked us to capture some images of their sweet family, we were all in. Nora and Ryan are sensitive, warm and have huge hearts. It's no surprise that they are fantastic parents to their little ones (who were also SO easy to photograph...just look at them!). Thank you for allowing us into your lives to capture this special time. We hope when your kids are grown and you give them their tubs of memories that they stop in their tracks and call to say how much they love you when they see these photos.