Happy Birthday Baby P

summerstreetphotography_734 summerstreetphotography_735 summerstreetphotography_736 summerstreetphotography_737 summerstreetphotography_738 summerstreetphotography_739 summerstreetphotography_740 summerstreetphotography_741 summerstreetphotography_742 summerstreetphotography_743 summerstreetphotography_744 summerstreetphotography_745 summerstreetphotography_746 summerstreetphotography_747 summerstreetphotography_748 summerstreetphotography_749 summerstreetphotography_750 summerstreetphotography_751 summerstreetphotography_752 summerstreetphotography_753 summerstreetphotography_754 summerstreetphotography_755 summerstreetphotography_756 summerstreetphotography_757 summerstreetphotography_758 summerstreetphotography_759 summerstreetphotography_760 summerstreetphotography_761 summerstreetphotography_762 summerstreetphotography_763 summerstreetphotography_764 summerstreetphotography_765 summerstreetphotography_766 summerstreetphotography_767 summerstreetphotography_768 summerstreetphotography_769 summerstreetphotography_770 summerstreetphotography_771 summerstreetphotography_772 summerstreetphotography_773 summerstreetphotography_774 summerstreetphotography_775 summerstreetphotography_776 summerstreetphotography_777If you're anything like me, you've gone through these photos at *least* 5 times to soak up the sweetness that Ashley and Adam's family boasts. I mean come on! Have you seen a more beautiful group? It's been such an honor photographing this family the past year. They decided to do a 'Grow with Me' collection with Summer Street, which means I've gotten to photograph their Maternity Session, Newborn Session, 6 month photos and now sweet baby P's 1st birthday. Now that these sessions are complete, we'll work with Adam and Ashley to put the highlights from each of these session into an heirloom album for them to look back on and enjoy over time. Baby P is turning into the most darling, smart little sweet heart. Ashley and I have grown very close over the past year, so it's always a special honor to photograph friends' lives as well. Adam and Ashley, thank you for allowing me to capture such a special time in your lives!