Cara + Jesse = Married

American writer Ambrose Bierce once wrote, "Patience is a minor form of despair that is disguised as a virtue." I really can't think of a better way to start Cara and Jesse's weddings story than that. The story really begins back in March when they originally had planned to wed at the beautiful Willowdale Estate. Due to unforeseen circumstances that were outside anyones control on the morning of their original wedding day back in March, the wedding was forced to be rescheduled for a different date. It was a huge disappointment for everyone, but deep down I knew that when their wedding day *did* finally happen, that it was going to be an amazing day worth the wait. Unfortunately for Matt and I who were originally slated to shoot their wedding, the rescheduled date fell on a day that we already had another event scheduled. As fate would have it, our new Associate Photographer Chuck was available, along with our good friend and super talented Boston Photographer, Li from Fat Orange Cat Studio. Li and Chuck joined forces to capture Cara and Jesse's wedding in a way that was truly seamless and amazing (if the above evidence wasn't proof enough!) and we simply can't get enough of the results. Just like when Chuck works with us on a regular basis, we collected the images straight out of their cameras and got to work editing the photos after the wedding and spent many hours that followed exactly as we do with weddings that we shoot ourselves. We relive the moments (or get to see them for the first time in this case) and laugh, sniffle (you think I'm joking) and smile our way through working on the images. After working on Cara and Jesse's images and seeing the absolutely perfect wedding day that they had, I have to believe that it really was all meant to be this way. Congratulations Cara and Jesse, and a huge thank you to Chuck and Li for joining Summer Street to make this wedding incredible!