Colleen + Nick = Engaged

Okay guys, we have a confession. We are not very cool. I mean it. We spend our spare time gardening, geeking out over how various types of flour and butter combinations affects baked goods and we rarely go to bed past 11:00. Colleen and Nick though. They are cool. Hip, in fact. So much so that we hope that even by shooting their engagement session and wedding this August that some of their awesomeness will rub off on us. They came up from NYC (see? cool) to spend a little time getting acquainted with being in front of the camera on Boston's waterfront.We had to take advantage of the perfectly grimy alley ways to grab some fun shots of them looking awesome (they didn't even have to try) and threw in a few shots by the water and skyline for good measure. Of course their time spent with us only reinforced their coolness, but what we really loved watching was their genuine spirits and big hearts. We left their session feeling pretty much ready to move in next door and start planning casual dinner parties with bruschetta and wine. We can't wait for their wedding later this summer which will no doubt be filled with amazing details (did I mention she  works for Real Simple?) and lots of love.