Peak's Island Wedding

Christina + Dan = Married

When Christina and Dan first met with us and told us their vision of having a fun and relaxing weekend on Peaks Island (right off the Portland, Maine coast) for their wedding celebration - we were immediately hooked. They wanted an adventurous yet laid back experience for their guests that would feel like a holiday. From the moment our feet hit the ground after a quick ferry ride from Portland - we knew their vision had already been fulfilled. Dan happened to be relaxing on the front porch when we arrived and we were greeted with a big hug. I hopped upstairs to the spa where Christina and her ladies were getting ready and the vibe was calm and happy. Christina was as cool as a cucumber and was waiting until the last moment to change into her wedding dress. Typically bridesmaids are the ones walking around watching the action of the bride getting ready - but Christina was the one that was enjoying the hustle and bustle of everyone getting their final touches - she was grounded and ready to go! Minutes before the ceremony Christina slipped into her princess-worthy gown and enjoyed a quiet moment with her mom. The ceremony followed with a sky full of sunshine and the smell of  fresh sea breeze as their guests watched with love. Everyone had a laugh when Dan's wedding ring wouldn't fit during their ring exchange and I can honestly say that hearing wedding guests laugh in unison is probably one of the happiest sounds ever. (It's totally not the same as a movie or comedy show, during a wedding ceremony people are laughing with happiness as they witness an extremely personal and emotional event).  Guests enjoyed cocktail hour while we stole Christina and Dan away for a little while to get some sun drenched photos of them on the beach, which was a new experience for us to have a *western* facing sunset since we were on an island facing Maine. The evening ended with sweet toasts for the newlyweds and a rocking dance party which involved family members of *all* ages. Overall it was a happy and relaxing day, just what they had in mind. Christina and Dan, it's been a pleasure working with you. Congratulations on your marriage and enjoy Italy!! (p.s. It must be a sign that Matt and I need to go back to Italy with a surge of clients who are all visiting Italy on their honeymoons!)