Ocean Wedding Photos

Dawn + Robbie = Married

Dawn and Robbie's wedding was everything they hoped it would be: a beautiful celebration of love in a coastal New England town in the fall. They live in New York City, so when they were planning their wedding they knew that they didn't want a big urban-chic soiree. They met during a tennis lesson (Robbie's an awesome Tennis player) and have an adorable chocolate lab named Miley (remember her from their e-session?) so it seemed like the perfect fit to choose The Ocean View Inn in Gloucster which boasts a beautiful view of the rocky New England coast with a warm and laid back vibe as their wedding venue. Dawn and Robbie have both faced many adversities in their lives and have many loved ones that could not be at their wedding, but the amount of love and support that was poured out by their family and friends on their wedding day was incredible. We loved seeing Robbie's nephews steal the dance floor on more than one occasion (they have every move from Gangnam Style memorized...) and my heart pretty much melted to the floor when Dawn's brother gave her away. These two have hearts of gold. Dawn and Robbie, it's been a true pleasure working with you, Congratulations!

Catherine + Justin = Married

Catherine and Justin met in the Peace Corps in South Africa....I know.....you like them already. Justin is from South Africa, and Catherine is from the States, so when their relationship became more serious, it became clear that they were going to need two wedding celebrations. They got married in South Africa in 2010 and had a lovely outdoor summer celebration. They decided that their wedding was not complete until they could have a US Ceremony and celebration with their loved ones who were not able to make the long journey to South Africa. They began planning for a February wedding in Cohassett and contacted us last fall to capture the celebration. We had drinks with them at a neighborhood bar (they live in the 'Ville too) and were captivated by their charismatic spirits. They were so good together, and we could tell their US Wedding was going to be filled with some really awesome people. We're here to say that it most certainly did not disappoint. Their friends and family are a warm bunch who shared many heartwarming stories during their Quaker ceremony about just how good Catherine and Justin are together.

The Red Lion Inn served as a perfect backdrop for their ceremony and reception, especially since some of the guests were staying on site. Everything was right there, which made all of the guests lives easier as the snow gently fell. The snow didn't stop us from wandering off to the beach and a boat dock for some windy portraits. We give full credit to Catherine and Justin taking the freezing wind by storm and rocking out their portraits. They pulled off their jackets and embraced the weather head on. We got to play around with our new Mamiya 645 and our Canon EOS 3 (film cameras) during their portraits, which made us happy campers. The rest of the day was filled with the support of all of their loved ones, embracing their union and supporting their decision to declare their commitment publicly,  reminding us once more that a wedding is not made by just pretty dresses, party decorations or chicken with vegetables.