Baby C

summerstreetphotography_179 summerstreetphotography_180 summerstreetphotography_181 summerstreetphotography_182 summerstreetphotography_183 summerstreetphotography_184 summerstreetphotography_185 summerstreetphotography_186 summerstreetphotography_187 summerstreetphotography_188 summerstreetphotography_189 summerstreetphotography_190 summerstreetphotography_191 summerstreetphotography_192 summerstreetphotography_193 summerstreetphotography_194 summerstreetphotography_195 summerstreetphotography_196 summerstreetphotography_197 summerstreetphotography_198 summerstreetphotography_199 summerstreetphotography_200 summerstreetphotography_201You might remember Kristen + Jay's nautical maternity shoot a month or so back up on the North Shore of Massachusetts. They told me in private that although they were waiting to find out the sex of the baby until the birth - that they both suspected their new baby would be a boy. Their suspicions were true and they welcomed little C into the world nearly a month before his due date! Babies born early are prone to health risks, but little C got along like a champ and has made himself quite comfortable in the hearts and home of Kristen and Jay. Chuck photographed this new family of three in their home in Roslindale and we are smitten with the results. We try to approach newborn photography from a lifestyle portrait session perspective (versus elaborate studio set ups) and focus on the family unit as well as the new addition. We feel like the parents are just as important during this change as the new family member, so there is much to be documented as a couple becomes parents. Kristen and Jay - we couldn't be happier for you during this delicate, joyful and trying time. Congratulations!