Kara + Jimmy = Engaged

summerstreetphotography_151 summerstreetphotography_152 summerstreetphotography_153 summerstreetphotography_154 summerstreetphotography_155 summerstreetphotography_156 summerstreetphotography_157 summerstreetphotography_158 summerstreetphotography_159 summerstreetphotography_160 summerstreetphotography_161 summerstreetphotography_162 summerstreetphotography_163 summerstreetphotography_164 summerstreetphotography_165 summerstreetphotography_166 summerstreetphotography_167 summerstreetphotography_168 summerstreetphotography_169 summerstreetphotography_170 summerstreetphotography_171It doesn't take much to make us a crew of happy photographers: beautiful light, natural scenery, two people madly in love....throw in a bottle of champagne and we're set. Kara and Jimmy wanted us to capture some photos of their new status as *fiancees* before the leaves all left the trees. They brought their game face and a bottle of champagne to the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain and met up with Chuck for an afternoon of photos together and we think you agree that the results are fantastic. Keeping things simple and easy are how we roll, and we're glad that Kara and Jimmy agree. There is such a happiness in their faces and demeanor, it's practically a pick me up right through the internet! Kara and Jimmy - thank you for allowing us to photograph this exciting time. We're so happy for you!